Welcome to Art Tree Creations!             

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Welcome to Art Tree Creations - Melbourne’s Resin Art Experts

Art Tree Creations is Melbourne’s home of abstract art. We’re passionate about what we do and we’re eager to introduce you to the exciting world of resin art.

In 2011, after personally using resin for many years, we decided to create a platform for artists to learn hands-on in our workshops with the popular medium of resin.

At Art Tree Creations, we host a selection of creative and fun art workshops and classes from our studio in Bayswater. We offer a range of resin art classes, including Timber and Resin Creations, Resin Art Jewellery Design, and Alcohol Ink Art workshops. Our classes are designed to introduce newcomers to the magic of working with resin, while providing a space for more experienced artists to hone their skills.

In our workshops and classes, we encourage people to step outside their comfort zone and learn new art techniques. We provide a comfortable and fun learning environment that allows you to let your creative side roam free!

We are continuously expanding our workshops to support people wanting to experiment with art for the first time and to cater to more experienced artists with knowledge of different art forms, including wall art, moulding, embedding and jewellery.

Through our Art Shop, we offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of resin art supplies in Melbourne. We stock everything you need to make your own resin masterpiece at home, including a range of resins, colour pigments, moulds, jewellery settings, brushes, art surfaces and accessories. We strive to provide a premium range of quality art supplies suitable for first-timers, hobbyists and experienced artists. You won’t find a better range of resin art supplies in Melbourne.

Art Tree Creations also works with many of Australia’s emerging artists to support their art and help with the creation of their own workshops.

So, if you’ve been searching around Melbourne for art supplies, or you’re interested in one of our abstract art classes or workshops, you’re in the right place. Art Tree Creations is Melbourne’s home of resin art!