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At Art Tree Creations we have a variety of high quality colour products and art supplies to suit your abstract art style. We are a premium retailer of art supplies Melbourne and ship world wide. We have an extensive range of Alcohol inks in the following brands, Tim Holtz Ranger inks, Jacquard Pinata Inks and Copic inks. There are hundreds of colours to choose from across the 3 ranges for use in your alcohol ink artwork. Resin colour products for resin art are used in your favorite art resin epoxy resin and polymer resins. Art Tree Creations resin colour products have been tested and developed over many years and are of the highest quality. They feature pearl / mica powders, metal powders made from actual metal, transparent resin dyes, epoxy pigment pastes and water soluble colour pastes. These are all highly concentrated and give your resin art sensational colours. They are also perfect for use in epoxy resin that is going to be used in resin tables and river tables etc. There are so many acrylic paint brands to choose from. We stock Atelier range of acrylics as we believe they are a great quality product, Australian made at a reasonable price. These acrylics are extremely easy to use with a mix of the Atelier mediums to suit your art style. Acrylic inks are growing in popularity, we stock a growing range in brands like Art Spectrum & Amsterdam. Both brands are colourfast & all colours are highly pigmented. Mix to create your own colours or choose one from the wide colour range on offer from each brands range. Effects Paints are available to add & assist you to achieve different decorative finishes with your artwork. Including brands like Pebeo& X-Press It, we have on offer a range of rusting & corrosive mediums. The Fantasy Moon &Prisme effects paint along with all the guilding mediums including flakes & sheets. Mediums and mixitives offer you options for your artwork, from priming to adding some texture, varnishing your works or cleaning your brushes, you will be able to find something in here which will suit your extra artist needs.