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Timber Serving Boards and Cheese Knife Sets

Our stunning range of cheeseboards will be a crowd-pleaser at your next big get-together or intimate family meal, complete with all the goodies and treats you showcase across them. From ocean themes for your next seafood bash to intricately cut shapes perfect for wine and cheese nights, we’re sure there’s something for every Australian foodie.

Acacia Timber Serving Boards – Nothing But the Best

A lot of research goes into our products, especially where food is concerned. We choose to stock products crafted from acacia for its naturally gorgeous visual appeal and health-related features. For example, our range of timber serving boards delivers a number of bonus benefits, including:

High Durability and Water Resistance

Did you know that acacia can last up to 40 years without any kind of fortification or treatment? Boasting a water-resistant finish and tremendously sturdy foundation, this type of wood means it’s hard to warp and scratch it through repetitive use. Preserve your serving sets for use time and time again, without the risk.


Unlike other types of timber used for serving and chopping, such as pine or oak, we know that acacia is naturally antibacterial and has amazing self-cleaning properties. Given that it’s extremely food-safe, it makes the perfect medium for preparing, styling and providing food for guests. And that’s exactly why we love our serving boards! Best of all, these favourites are available in gum leaf-shaped designs or our iconic turtle set.

Exquisite Raw Grain

Naturally deep brown in colour, our customers love that our sets have an organic and sophisticated grain. Since this wood is smooth and well-polished, it never fails to disappoint on the dinner table. Therefore, it will give a warm, rich touch to your home or party.

Five Ways to Use Your Cheese and Knife Set

As well as the traditional and beautifully laid out cheeseboard and knife sets (which we love), did you know that you can use these to serve up a whole range of delicious combinations? Check out our list below for inspiration.

  1. Let them eat cake: Forget the traditional cake stand. Add a touch of class to the next party and use your set to transport the cake.
  2. Get the kids eating vegies: Why not try guacamole, dips and sauces, Julienne carrots, snow peas, capsicum and other veggie favourites for a healthy lunch? Check out our serving board with turtle cheese knife set – great for finger foods. The kids will simply love it.
  3. Use it for beer tasting: Find a few bottles of your favourite craft or imported beer, and serve them up to friends for a classy night in. Serve with nuts or pretzels for extra oomph.
  4. Swap cheese for chocolate: Using small bowls of melted chocolate, surround the panel with your favourite fruits, biscuits and sweet treats for a new take on an old classic.
  5. Give it as a gift: Have the wood embossed with the recipient’s name and a small message. We recommend the gum leaf-shaped board for extra uniqueness.