Jesmonite is a popular casting material, and it’s popping up everywhere! Despite being incredibly on-trend it’s certainly not new. Jesmonite was first created in the UK in the early 1980s, for use by the building industry as a safe and eco-friendly alternative to fibreglass. However, over time it has become popular with artists. Creators have fallen in love with its adaptability, its chameleon-like qualities and its strong and flexible finish. You can see jesmonite being used for sculpting, creating and crafting, with many creators using it to produce jewellery, homewares, garden features and more. 

What is jesmonite?

Jesmonite is a Brand name.

They make many different products that they have perfected over the last 40 years. 3 of the most popular are AC100, AC730 and Flex Metal products.

AC100 is made up of super fine gypsum, and an acrylic polymer resin liquid which gets mixed together. It forms a composite material that has amazing strength and is not brittle like plaster. This unique material is incredibly adaptable and it’s a real chameleon because it can be used to replicate the appearance and texture of almost any surface. For example, jesmonite can be made to look like stone, metal, wood, leather and fabric. In the mixing process, you can add pigments, metals and fibres to your jesmonite AC100 to give it different appearances. It can also be dyed, sanded and  polished, making it very popular among artists and builders. Many companies have tried to copy the AC100 formula and failed. It is perfect for use in moulds from small jewellery to larger trays and other items

AC730 is a rapid setting acrylic modified cementitious composite. It comes in a range of colours and finishes. The most popular being Silver Grey Granite which has micro aggregate resembling a granite benchtop look once etched or sanded back. AC730 is amazingly strong and is all weather proof including permanently submerged for uses in ponds etc. It can be used in moulds to make pots or statues, cast to make benchtops or sinks and many other creative ideas that you might have. It can also be coloured with pigments.

Flex Metal is a Jesmonite product that when cast and dry it can be polished to look exactly like real metal. It's an amazing product and you have to try it to believe it.   

Why do we love it?

Jesmonite is incredibly eco-friendly due to the fact that gypsum (AC100) is a naturally occurring material. It’s also a water-based liquid as opposed to an oil or solvent base. Because of its durability, jesmonite products are built to last. 

We love that it’s so easy to manipulate before it dries, making it perfect for cutting, carving and casting. Jesmonite can also be pigmented to any colour. The possibilities are endless! 

Which product is best for my project?

At Art Tree Creations we have several jesmonite materials in stock. Jesmonite AC100 is a water-based composite material that’s perfect for homewares and decorative moulded objects including jewellery. It’s safe to use and does not contain solvents or VOCs. Our Starter Kit includes 850g f AC100 along with 3 pigments, 2 silicone coaster moulds, 2 mixing sticks and disposable gloves. It’s a great way to become familiar with jesmonite if you’re just starting out.  

If you’re after a stone effect we would recommend the AC730 because this is a laminating material that can be applied in layers. For the best results we suggest speaking to a team member. 

Why choose Art Tree Creations?


Our team has decades of in-house skills and experience, and thorough knowledge of how to create the best art. To learn more about our products please check out our social media profile  - Art Boards Australia! If you have any questions about which materials would best suit your project, please contact us and speak to an expert. 


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