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Large Wooden Letters and Symbols

When you want a surface that’s a bit different, our letters and shapes have you covered. Jigsaw puzzles can be used on their own or as a set of four that all fit together, perfect as a resin art board or any other art form. Our hexagon and triangle boards are perfect as a set or as a single panel.

Our range of primed large letters is fantastic for having a bit of fun with any art style.

DIY Learning Tools with Large Wooden Letters

Teaching little ones to count and spell is a rewarding yet tricky task. Our large letters and numbers are great for decorating, while also encouraging their learning. Have them decorate and spell out their name, age or birthday. From there, using adhesive magnets, stick these to your fridge and go through simple exercises before and after school to support little minds to grow.

Explore the Benefits of Birch

At Art Tree Creations, we only use the best materials to bring you quality products that last a lifetime. This is why we stock birch plywood as MDF board. Read on to find out why.

  • Lightweight but Durable: Birch is light yet has a tough veneer that holds paint and other mediums extremely well. This is why so many pieces of painted furniture are made of it. Where you need a clean finish and sleek finish, choose to prime your birch before using it.
  • Makes Art Feel Effortless: The surface of the timber is naturally smooth, and so we find paint glides onto the surface with ease. If blending is your thing, you’ll find painting on birch a breeze with its sleek surface.
  • Resistant to Decay: Prolong the life of your art. The wood is highly durable and dense, meaning it won’t decay anytime soon. It’s perfect for framing and giving as a gift, too.
  • Takes Stain Beautifully: Since it’s naturally light in colour, staining this timber leaves beautifully a dark and rich finish that’s you typically won’t get with many other kinds of wood on the market.

Triangle Art Boards in Birch

Our heart-shape MDF boards are perfect for creating frames and hanging art. At 16mm thickness, our boards come pre-primed ready for resin and decorating. No fuss, no mess.

Shapes are Trending

Use our heart-shaped MDF boards and triangular bases to paint and frame photos, print and hang motivational quotes, or hold your magnetic artwork creations in style.

Each of our panels comes with a frame aimed at reducing weight, whilst adding more strength than a basic solid panel.