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Using Binders, Additives and Painting Mediums

You’ve prepared your base, mixed your mediums, completed your masterpiece, and now you’re left with a beautiful piece of work. But what’s next? How do you go about the drying process, and what to do once you’ve finished up?

We use Artelier clear painting mediums and additives for a range of reasons, but mainly to preserve, protect and prolong our work so it looks the best it can for as long as possible. Read on to find out more about the benefits of using these.

Types of Additives

Additives are used with your mediums to deliver specific properties. These typically help achieve a flawlessly finished piece of art due to benefits such as:

  • Mould and mildew resistance
  • Foam and deforming prevention
  • Good flow and levelling abilities, among other advantages.

These special components ensure the artist is working with precise features and qualities of their medium. They’re typically used to both protect against certain defects. They also improve certain paints by enhancing substrate wetting, incorporating slip to the surface, and ensuring it’s fire-resistant.

Our Collection of Atelier heavy gels and moulding pastes

We’re passionate about helping customers and budding artists reach their desired creation outcomes. This is why we stock a large range of additives to support perfect finishes.

Check out some of the aids we stock below, all available online now:

  • Atelier Heavy Gel
  • Unlocking Formula
  • Retarder
  • Clear Painting Medium
  • Binder Medium
  • Fast Medium / Fixer

What is Masking Fluid?

This is basically liquid latex, and is often known in the industry as ‘liquid magic’. It’s no surprise either, since it can take on any shape, and repels both paint and water.

This makes masking fluid ideal for keeping small areas and thin lines fresh and white. It also peels off without leaving a mark and is great for creating geometric art with clean, broken up borders.

What is Moulding Paste Used For?

Moulding Paste is made from calcite grit that is very thick and is generally used to exaggerate the structure and textural effects of acrylic artworks. Think of pieces that depict hills, mountains or landscapes.

Also known as modelling paste, it is extremely versatile and can be used to enhance many art mediums. It takes around 45 minutes to dry before it is ready to be painted on.

What Does a Fixer Do?

A fixer, also known as a fixative, is a liquid painting aid similar to varnish, which is generally sprayed over a piece of art once it has been finished.

Sometimes even when an artwork feels dry, it may still be tacky in some areas. A fixer is therefore used to preserve and prevent smudging long after it has been completed.