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Safety and Cleaning is very important when it comes to Resin. Art Supplies like Chemical masks, Vinyl Nitrile Gloves & Poly Cleaning Wipes are necessary as they help protect you against harsh chemicals and helps you avoid getting epoxy resin on your skin. We have a range that is easily accessible and important to purchase if dealing with art mediums that may cause harmful vapours or gases to occur, as well as any art product that may need cleaning up with wipes.

Safety/chemical masks protect against organic gases & vapours, as well as excellent dust protection and is important to wear a mask like this when dealing with harsh chemicals like resin & alcohol inks. Nitrile gloves protect your hands and fingers from getting epoxy resin on them and also helps avoid resin contact with your face which is dangerous. The Poly cleaning wipes are perfect for any art supply or art product which may be a little messy and needs great quality cleaning wipes to remove and clean any residue. We have an art shop in Bayswater located in Australia but we can ship art supplies worldwide.