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MDF Placemats 6pk Round & Square

MDF Placemats 6pk Round & Square

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Based on 2 reviews
Alcohol Ink Coasters

Aluminium Panel Placemats 4pk

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MDF Placemats and Cork Sheets

Whether you’re jazzing up your dining set or trying your hand at new wooden-based projects, our range of art cork sheets and aluminium panel and MDF placemats are exactly what you need. From earthy, natural accessories to bases for resin art, Art Tree Creations has everything you need right here.

MDF Placemats for the Creatives Across Australia

Since MDF is an engineered wood, it is stronger and more durable than other thinner alternatives, such as ply. Due to this, it makes a great base for resin without the need to prime it. Add glitter or metal flakes under for a sparkly look, or create mosaics with chipped tiles and glue, using the placemats as support.

If you want to take your placemats to the next level, check out the ideas below to transform them into unique pieces of art for a variety of applications.

Crafty Cork Sheet Projects

Since our sheets are 0.8mm, they are easily cut and manipulated using scissors, pinking shears, guillotines and cutting boards. Use them for your next big craft project or as a placemat – the choice is yours!

Note: If you’re after thicker material, email us at, as 3mm options are available by request.

Here are a few other ideas for corkboard creations:

  • Memory Boards: These are perfect for baby showers, anniversary presents and wedding gifts, and can be customised to various shapes and sizes. Use them to showcase photos, memorabilia and quotes.
  • Coasters: Since cork is great at withstanding heat, you can cut your sheets into circles, squares or hexagons and decorate with tile or resin for something a bit more personalised.
  • Use Heat Vinyl: To add messages and images using transfer foils, you can embellish with names and cute quotes to hang around the home or office.
  • Christmas Decorations: Cut your board into any shape (we recommend circles for baubles), punch a hole in the top and thread through thin rope or coloured string. Then, using paint, pens or glitter, decorate these with names or festive images and use them as sweet little keepsakes on the tree for years to come.
  • Fridge Magnets: Trace shapes such as animals or letters, and get your kids to help decorate them. Then, carefully cut them out and stick adhesive magnets onto the back. Not only are these sweet little gifts to give to the grandparents, but they support learning and provide early introductions to art.