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Each amazing unique product we stock of the beautiful brand Atelier can assist you and your artworks in many different ways and help prepare your art medium to get the correct consistency, sheen or colour you are after. These Mediums, fixers, varnishes, pastes, gesso's, can create different results; sealing a paint layer, preparing for glazing or varnish, mix with paint to either thin, thicken or blend, slow down or speed up drying process, how to remove whole sections of Acrylic paint, . Medium/Fixers: - Atelier Slow Medium: Slows down the drying process, very easily and made workable again with the conjunction of a sprayer. - Atelier Fast Medium: Is a low-viscosity medium designed to speed up the painting process while quickly fixing a paint layer. Can also be used on its own to seal & reinforce a paint layer in preparation for glazing or varnishing. - Atelier Binder Medium: Prepares surfaces for Acrylic or Oil paintings. Also an adhesive medium in collage techniques. - Atelier Clear Painting Medium: A mid-viscosity clear liquid which dilutes Acrylics for layering & glazing without altering sheen levels. - Atelier Pouring Medium: Mix with Acrylic Paint and the medium thins the paint so it pours easily and forms smooth even puddles with no air bubbles. Increases colour transparency & dries glossy. - Atelier Thick Slow Medium: High viscosity, slows drying process & used for spreading & diluting paint without making it too thin or runny. - Atelier Unlocking Formula: Can re-open atelier interactive paint even after it is touch dry. Once the paint is re-opened, new paint can be blended back in, existing paint edges can be feathered or whole sections can be removed with a ragtag reveal under layers. Works perfectly with the Atelier Fine Mist Sprayer. Atelier Retarder: Low-viscosity paint additive designed to slow down the drying time and increase the open time of acrylic paints. ALL are partnered perfectly with the Acrylic Interactive Paints. Gel: - Atelier Heavy Gel: (Or previously Impasto Gel) is a non-toxic thick fast drying, water based acrylic gel, designed to exaggerate structure & increasing gloss levels. Becomes transparent when dry. Gesso/ Primers: - Atelier Gesso Primer & Liquid Gesso are amazing for surface prep. Both are waterproof, dry fast, water based & non-toxic. Gesso Primer is a heavy, white acrylic ground, has a high grit content, provides a stable matte surface for acrylics & oils. Liquid Gesso Primer is flexible, has a high grit content designed to provide a stable surface to paint either acrylics or oils. Moulding Paste: - Or modelling compound is a very thick paste made from calcite grit used for exaggerated structure & textural effects. Dries white & can be mixed with the paint to produce a coloured ground, or painted over once dry. Varnishes: - Acrylic Waterproof drawing ink