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Mixing Cups

750ml mixing cups

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1 litre mixing cup

One Litre Mixing Cups

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Large Popsticks

Natural Jumbo Craft Sticks

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Craft Pop Sticks

Craft Pop Sticks Natural

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Mixing Spatular
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Mixing & Smoothing Spatular

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Plastic Mini Cups 30 pack

Plastic Mini Cups 30 pack

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Mixing cups for paint & resin

No matter whether paint or resin is used in the creative process, we know how much you use and how you choose to use them are the aspects that matter most in the journey. Dedicated to this, Art Tree Creation’s selection of supplies is designed to equip you with all the essentials you need to create works of perfection.

From resin art and acrylic ink, through to art workshops – our professionals have built up a curated selection of practical tools and resources to get you well underway. Carrying both graduated and plain measuring cups, we have specifically selected useful art equipment for high-quality materials, allowing for absolute ease of use and application across the board. The range of plastic paint mixing cups in our range is valuable assets to have on hand for brushing, pouring, and combining all manner of mediums.

Whether you’re blending small amounts or opting for larger volumes, the quality of our mixing cups for paint and resin is designed to ensure a smooth, efficient process from start to finish.

Precise, graduated mixing cups for easy resin casting

Explore our range of much-needed essentials to get you started in this wonderful world of creativity. From cups to full kits that allow you to safely protect your workspace while you experiment, we offer a wide selection of products to ensure your entire journey is enjoyable, mess-free (in all the right ways) and easily achievable.

Moreover, we offer graduated cups for measuring out epoxy kits in larger 2.25lt, 1lt and 750ml sizes down to smaller 30ml and 60ml cups perfect for resin jewellery, all backed with measurements down the side so you can accurately estimate and prepare your mediums as you go. These plastic cups and stirrers can also be reused; simply crack the resin and peel it off, ready for your next session of artistic expression.

While certain resins can tolerate a less-than-ideal ratio, finer grade art epoxies often require a more precise combination of chemicals for best results. This is why we recommend utilising our range to ensure you’re opting for the perfect measurements.

Easily pour out and combine mediums with zero risks of contamination, allowing you to dive into your creative journey quicker. Browse our much-loved range now to see why our essentials are a must-have in your workspace.

For more information on our product collection or to have any questions answered, simply get in touch with the team at Art Tree Creations. We’re always more than happy to provide reliable advice or point you in the right direction.