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Some of the best effects you can create in your artworks are from mediums that create metallic, pearlescent, opalescent, marbled or a metal finishing effects. We have all of that here and more. A beautiful product that will add some amazing metallic finishes, is out Pebeo Leaf Gilding Flakes and they are available in 4 colours; Gold, Silver, Copper & Dark Gold. These are perfect for mixing into resin or adding them on-top of your artworks. Made with REAL Aluminium, Copper & Zinc. We also have leafing sheets (12pk) that is available in 3 colours; Gold, Copper & Silver that add a beautiful metal leafing finish. Use Pebeo Gilding Paste to stick it down the flakes down. The paste is a ready to use gilding paste that acts like a glue and works beautifully with dry resin alcohol inks or many other art surfaces/ mediums when wanting to paste items down on them. Pebeo Fantasy Moon Set is an amazing paint collection that is pearlescent, opaque and luminescent colours with textured and hammered effects that is reminiscent of the lunar landscapes. Easy brush application in thin or thick layers where it has an immediate effect. Multi surface and ideal for Mixed Media. Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Set is just like the Moon Set but has an opaque, glossy & smooth finish that have unique and astonishing honeycomb effects revels itself within minutes of application and while the paint is drying. These abstract effects are obtained when dropped or poured onto a horizontal surface. Metal Leaf Flakes are slowly becoming popular and the brand Imitation make very sparkly and metallic flakes. These gorgeous loose metallic flakes / foils that work beautifully in resin, on Alcohol Inks or in any other mixed media art. Available in both Gold flakes and Silver (aluminium flakes) where they are very fragile and should be handled with care. For best results, use a varnish to finished work. Our Liquid Chrome Pump Marker by Molotow is an Alcohol-based (perfect to blend with alcohol inks), highly pigmented special ink that is permanent and has a high-gloss liquid chrome mirror like finish. Highly opaque, good UV resistance as well as limited scratch and abrasion proof.