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Sculpey Premo™ Polymer Clay

Sculpey Premo™ is a clayer's dream come true! With dozens of colours and styles to choose from, you'll find endless sculpting possibilities. This clay is perfect for a range of crafts and projects, whether you're a professional or just getting started with clay. After conditioning, premo clay is soft enough to blend easily but is firm enough to hold fine detail and specialized techniques.

You can choose from 2-ounce, 8-ounce or 1-pound quantities and 54 bold colours including glitters, metallics,  granites and opal. Discover your next creation with Sculpey Premo™ today!

Why Choose Sculpey Premo™?

Curious about all the hype surrounding Sculpey Premo™? There's a reason it's known as the best! Sculpey Premo™ polymer clay retains its softness and flexibility, which means that the finished product will remain durable. Sculpey Premo™ is the go-to choice for jewellery-making techniques like mokume gane and caning thanks to its ability to hold details and highly saturated colours. This polymer clay is also great for millefiore beads and canes, mica shift, delicate scrapbook pages, glass adornments or faux semi-precious stones.

You can easily blend Sculpey Premo™ with various colours for customized clay creations. Unleash your inner artist and make unique projects and pieces with one-of-a-kind colour combinations.

Sculpey Premo™ Polymer Clay

Ready to get even more creative? Our line of Sculpey Premo™ consists of enriched clays that allow for unique and exciting projects using an artist's palette. Saturated pigments and eye catching additions, like glitter and metallics, bring an extra pop to any design.