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We stock many different brands of extenders and sealers such as; Krylon, Tim Holtz, Dulux, Copic & Jacquard Pinata amongst lots of Alcohol Ink art supplies.

The Krylon Spray Paints Australia Kamar Varnish and the Krylon UV Clear in Matte and Gloss are perfect products for sealing and protecting your Alcohol Ink and general artworks. Another product that is made in Australia for sealing your Alcohol ink artwork is Dulux Duramax gloss clear sealer. These protective sprays are clear, non-yellowing protection spray for oil paints, acrylic, alcohol ink, watercolour etc. They are acid free, allows for easy rework and is free from impurities. They protect against harmful UV sun rays too.

We have a large range of Isopropyl and blending solutions for your Alcohol Ink artwork including Pinata extender, Ranger blending solution and Copic Colourless blender. To help apply it more accurately we have pipettes in a 20pk as well.