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Ranger Alcohol Inks

Ranger Alcohol inks 14ml

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Based on 9 reviews
Ranger Alcohol Inks

Ranger Alcohol Ink 14ml Mixatives, Alloy's & Pearls

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Based on 6 reviews
Ranger Alcohol Inks
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Ranger Alcohol Ink 20 Pack Special - SAVE $10.00

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Ranger Alcohol Inks have a fantastic range of colours. Over 70 colours in their main range, 12 pearl colours and 7 mixatives, with new inks being added all the time.

Ranger Alcohol Inks now come in a 59ml large size for some of there colours 

The Tim Holtz Ranger Alcohol Inks are loved around the world for their lovely colour range, excellent colour strength, not too strong or too weak. 

They are excellent for creating your very own Alcohol Ink Art work either in an abstract art style or using stamps.

Ranger Alcohol Inks work best on yupo paper and Aluminium art boards as well as other non porous surfaces. 

You can also mix these Ranger Inks together to get your own unique colours.

Art Tree Creations is now the Sole Australian Distributer for Tim Holtz Ranger Alcohol inks. If you own an art store and would like to stock ranger inks, contacts us at