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Stunning art hanging strings

Whether you’re an amateur or professional artist, your masterpieces always deserve a spot on the wall. While it’s up to you what mediums you use to create your stunning pieces, what you choose to use when it comes to showcasing them does come down to a few select best options. Luckily, Art Tree Creations has all the essentials you need to flaunt your inspired work with ease.

Picture hanging strips and art hanging accessories

Art Tree Creations is backed by years of experience in sourcing the highest quality most reliable art hanging supplies across Australia. Having worked on all manner of materials - from timber to canvas - our knowledgeable creators have carefully curated a range we’re proud to distribute across Melbourne and wider regions.

From an extensive range of sturdy art hanging string to hooks and accessories to fix your piece into position – we’ve got you covered when you’re looking to put your work on a pedestal.

We help you embrace your inspired artwork

Get all your essential art supplies and hanging accessories, string, d-hooks, d-rings and hangers in packs with screws, all ready for you to attach straight into the back of your piece to hang them up. Among these, we have incredibly tough, flat and a white polyester tying tape, which ensures your piece is positioned in place for the long-term. This option is available per meter and is the preferred overhanging wire that makes it easier to tie off & attach to your chosen hanging hook.

Buy durable art hanging accessories online

All of our equipment is designed to have you ready to showcase your masterpiece the way it should be. With full control over the type and style of the fastenings chosen, we believe the finishing touches are in how you choose to put your work in the spotlight. With this in mind, the Art Tree Creation product range delivers reliable options that safely fix your work into place, ensuring they stay where they should be for the long-term.

At a grade that is intended for the most professional of artists, our selection provides all the products you need to get started. Curated to offer colour and style choices that suit a wide range of artistic genres, our collection is easily accessible to all of Australia.

For more information on our selection, or for answers to any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Art Tree Creations team.

Make your art stand out

While we supply Melbourne and it’s surroundings with top-quality essentials that include everything from resins to face paint supplies, we don’t just stop at tools and mediums. The Art Tree Creation range is specifically stocked with everything you need to cover the creative process, all the way to pre-sale preparation.

Complement your finished piece with the best art hanging supplies Melbourne can provide – all at Art Tree Creations.