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Resin Silicone Moulds

We have a large range of resin silicone moulds available for purchase. Look below for our range of moulds that will bring out your artistic flair in no time.

  • diamond-bangleresin bangle molds

    Bangle Moulds

    Makers Moulds are hand made in melbourne

    They are made from high quality silicone that will get you many many repeat uses if looked after.

    This Diamond pattern mould features a smooth gloss finish, 65mm internal hole and is 27mm wide

    The mould is perfect for filling with coloured resin and as it also has a bit of size to it can also be used to embed objects into it like flowers

  • Silicon mold Hexagon coaster sethexagon coaster moulds

    Coaster Moulds, Hexagon, Round or Square Set of 2

    Set of 2 Hexagon moulds. 10.5cm across from flat edge to flat edge (made from stone coasters which gives the coasters a matte finish)

    Set of 2 Square moulds. 10cm x 10cm (made from porcelain tiles this has a high gloss top)

    Set of 2 Round moulds. 10cm Diam. (made from stone coasters which gives the coasters a matte finish)

    Made from a high quality flexible silicone, reusable multiple times

    Made to order, hand poured in Melbourne.

    (not suitable for use in air tight chambers)

  • dsc06692

    Dalchem P20 Silicone

    Dalchem P20 Silicone is an addition cure 1 to 1 mix silicone rubber.

    Demould in 3 to 4 hours and fully cured in 24 hours

    It has excellent flexibility and is perfect for moulding of detailed items. Moulds are suitable for resin casting.

    P20 is also skin safe and can be used for Life modelling.

  • dscn2925

    Pinch Bowl Moulds

    Pinch Bowl moulds are made here in our studio.

    Large Bowl measures; 2.6cm H x 9cm W

    Mini Bowl measures; 3cm H x 7.5cm W

    Each mould is currently made to order, 3 business days prior to shipping.


  • dsc06749

    Resin Plate Mould

    Resin Plate Silicone Mould

    Hand made in Melbourne Australia.

    Plate has a gloss finish, measures 19cm wide & 2cm high.

    (suitable for pressure chamber)

  • dsc06745

    Ring Dish Mould

    Small ring dish mould, available in assorted designs; matte finish

    Hexagon, Diamond & Rectangle.

    Hexagon measures; 10cm W (point to point) 0.6cm H

    Rectangle measures; 13cm L x 8cm W x 1.2cm H

    Each mould is made to order, 2 days prior to shipping.

  • dsc07766dsc07764

    Silicone Moulds, Insects and Animals

  • wide-pinchdsc06746

    Wide Mouth Pinch Bowl

    This newest resin mould is the perfect edition to our range.

    The wide mouth pinch bowl is the easiest of them all to de-mould & measures 10cm across & 2.5cm high.

    Excellent for use with resins & concretes.