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Face Paint Glitter Kits – Split Cakes and One-Stroke Palettes

The possibilities are endless with our array of face paint glitter kits in the form of split cakes individually or as a one-stroke palette. You can add wow to your designs with any of our stock, but our glitter kits take design to a whole new level of whimsy and childhood dreams.

There is much to love about this collection beyond their rainbow of vibrant, versatile tones. These one-stroke palettes also delight because they are compact and easy to take on the road with you. They can be used by anyone wanting to get creative on themselves or other people –  for fun, for cosplay, to get spooky at Halloween, dress-up day at school or even for a part in a play. There are no rules or limitations – only your imagination.

Quality Meets Versatility in Our Face Paint Glitter

While some sparkly products can look cheap and don't interact well with your skin, we only stock the very best high-quality face paint glitter kits that can be applied gently with:

  • Your fingertips - which allows you to have full control over the skin;
  • Daubing brushes - perfect for stencilling and blending; and
  • Regular brushes - traditional types of brushes that apply colour evenly.

Our products are water-soluble, which means it's easy to apply with our assortment of sponges and daubers. Simply remove it all with our alcohol-free wipes, and you’re good to go.

The Art Tree Creations team is passionate about offering products where your imagination is the only thing limiting you. This means that we have on hand a variety of hues set to inspire minds young and old, that add sparkle and flair to the development of your creations.

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Have you discovered what else we sell online? We not only have our iconic sparkly series, but we know that these products aren’t always for everyone – which is why we also stock pearl and one-stroke palettes. These also come in an extensive assortment of shades, ranging from lime, gold, blue, blush, unicorn, black iris and flame. These come housed in a case to keep them all together, especially when taking them to an event. 

We welcome you to be inspired by these colourful delights and explore our unique range of offerings that are guaranteed to bring you excitement every day. With a range of colours even greater than a rainbow, you will never be stuck on creating some of the best body art out there. Our team loves hearing from you, so be sure to share with us how you have used our split cakes to bling up your designs.