Here at Art Tree Creations we have seen a spike in the popularity of resin art projects across Australia. As the country’s premier supplier of resin products, we stock a variety of high quality epoxy resins for your next project. 


Epoxy resin is a durable liquid that bonds to materials such as wood, metals and some plastics. Our clients have used epoxy resin to design homewares including coasters, bowls and grazing boards. It stands up to wear and tear from daily usage. You can use epoxy resin for river tables and slab timber deep pours; filling knots, cracks and holes in timber; casting in silicone moulds and embedding flowers and objects; abstract wall art or applying clear coats over other art mediums. 

Read on to discover more about the types of epoxy resin we stock, then get in touch to discuss which resin is best suited to your needs. 


Art resin is a certified non-toxic epoxy solution with excellent UV-resistance. It is the thinnest resin we stock, making it perfect for artists who like fluidity of colours which enables them to move and blend more. Art resin is one of the more expensive options but is one of the best for getting a smooth clear coat over other art mediums. Working time is 45 to 50 minutes, so you have enough time to create a finished piece that mixes the epoxy’s inherent properties with your own technique.

Art Resin is not suitable for coasters as its temperature resistance isn't high enough to withstand a hot cuppa without softening and marking.


This popular epoxy casting resin has excellent UV stability. It is not only certified non-toxic, but also VOC free, odour free, phenol free and solvent free. Total Cast flows more freely than Dalchem and Master Cast resins, but is not quite as thin as Art Resin. You will get about 35 minutes of working time, so it is perfect for abstract works that evoke mood and feeling.


Master Cast is another non-toxic and UV-resistant epoxy resin that is slightly cheaper than Total Cast. Our extensive testing has found that it dries the hardest out of the non-toxic varieties. It is thicker than Total Cast, which will assist you with shaping better edges.

Using this consistency means your design won’t move as much, this is often preferred if you are working on tumblers or cheese boards where you want to get good edge coverage. If you prefer a seamless flow of colours you’ll find Art Resin or thinner consistencies a better option. You’ll have about 30 minutes of working time so be mindful of your project and know your process.The clock starts ticking the moment you apply Master Cast epoxy resin to your project!


Ultra Cast XT is a 2:1 product that has been specifically formulated to have a long working time of around 60 minutes. It is also very temperature-resistant (up to 95 degrees Celsius). It is a clear casting resin that we here at Art Tree Creations have grown to love. This resin lends itself to works across jewellery, coasters, embedded designs and more. It can be great for heat boards, chopping boards or even side tables because you can place a hot drink directly onto the surface. The extra time that you have to work with Ultra Cast XT means less time constraints and more time to perfect your design.


Dalchem Crystal Clear casting epoxy resin has excellent UV-resistant properties even though it isn’t a hyped up feature of the resin. Dalchem has a thicker viscosity formula similar to Master Cast, which makes it easier to get good coverage on the sides of boards.

It also doesn't move as much, making it simple to work with. It is highly tolerant to temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius. We have conducted many tests using this formula and found it to be quite scratch resistant. The working time is around 30 minutes so you will need to work quickly.  

TIP: If you would like a thinner resin simply warm the Dalchem up. We have tested this and it works great when warmed to around 30 degrees.. We have also conducted tests on how deep you can pour this particular resin in one single pour, and experienced minimal shrinkage at a depth of 2cm. 


Aldax Crystal Cast is a perfect resin for jewelry and small castings and embedding. It is a 2 to 1 mixing ratio resin and is water clear. It is formulated at a lower viscosity to assist with bubble release and has 60 minutes of working time making it great for using in moulds where you want extra time for the bubbles to escape. Aldax crystal cast includes UV absorbers to minimize the harmful effects of UV light.  





If pouring river tables, large resin castings or any projects that require the best deep pour resin, Ocean Cast is the one for you. It can be poured upto 100mm deep in one pour. It is a 2 to 1 mixing ratio, contains UV absorbers and is specifically formulated for deep pouring. We have tested 5 of the most well known deep pour resins with a 1.5lt pour, side by side comparison and the ocean cast came out on top. It was the clearest and most like water once cured. Some deep pour resins have a yellow tinge or a bluish tinge which is not what you want if you are doing a clear casting of flowers etc. We did this comparison over 1 year ago at the time of writing this and it hasn't changed from age or uv exposure.


UV set resin, not to be confused with uv stable epoxy resin, is resin that sets when exposed to uv light. UV set resins are a one part acrylic product which sets in approximately 90 seconds in full sun light, it will also set on a cloudy day or under any uv light source in varying time frames. This is great for jewelry pendants, earrings etc and small resin pieces as it can be set so fast and being water based it is much safer to use. 


Here at Art Tree Creations, we stock the highest quality materials, each with their own characteristics. All of our epoxy resins dry to a high-gloss finish and are 1:1 or 2:1 mixing ratio. It is important to note that all resins have different characteristics, and it’s not “one size fits all”.


Please get in touch to discuss your project and we can help find the right materials for you.


We believe our range of high quality epoxy resin is superior to other Australian art suppliers. We stock a number of brands, qualities and varieties of epoxy resin and look forward to discussing your individual needs and supplying you with the best product at a reasonable price. 


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