Alcohol inks

Alcohol inks


Alcohol inks are a fast drying and fun medium to work with! Alcohol inks can be blended and layered to create a unique abstract artwork. At Art Tree Creations we have the biggest range of alcohol inks in Australia, stocking 5 different brands and over 530 different inks! Choose from light, dark, bold and soft colours depending on your needs. You can even blend your own colours to create bespoke shades! 

Alcohol Inks work best on any non-porous surface such as yupo paper (a synthetic paper), NARA Paper, ceramic items, tiles and our aluminum boards, coasters and placemats. Alcohol inks produce different effects depending on the type of surface you use. 

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of alcohol ink we stock at Art Tree Creations:

Pinata Alcohol Inks

Pinata Alcohol Inks are highly saturated inks. They’re acid-free, with a heavily pigmented finish that creates intense, bold colours. Use Isopropyl alcohol or blending solution to blend them down and achieve a softer colour. There’s also a metallic range of Pinata inks available and a large 120ml bottle size in addition to the usual 14ml bottle

Couture Alcohol Inks

Couture Inks are becoming a popular choice among Australian artists. Choose from a huge range, including Fluro, Glitter, Pearl and the Standard range. Couture Inks are perfect if you're after a lighter, softer ink because they aren’t as heavily pigmented as other brands. 

Mepxy Alcohol Inks

Mepxy Alcohol Inks (pronounced “Mep-sy”) come in a 30ml bottle - the largest size we stock in a standard bottle. We love the measurement down the side of the bottle that shows how much ink you’ve got left! These inks are fast drying and non-toxic with a dripper tip. 

Copic Alcohol Inks

Artists love the Copic Ink refill bottles, because the colour on the lid provides an incredibly accurate depiction of the ink itself, the wide range and excellent colours, especially blue greens. They come with dripper tips on the bottles like the other inks, so you can easily control how much ink comes out.

Ranger Alcohol Inks

There are nearly 100 colours in the Ranger Alcohol Inks range, including Pearls, Mixatives (metallics), Alloys and a standard range. They are low viscosity and perfect for use on non-porous surfaces like Yupo paper and aluminum art board. 

How to use:

To achieve a beautiful abstract artwork using alcohol inks, simply dropping the ink onto your chosen surface. You can add isopropyl alcohol or a blending solution while the ink is still wet to soften and spread the colour, then use a hair dryer on a low setting or a blower to help move the inks around and dry them faster. You can also add the isopropyl alcohol or blending solution to the surface first and then drop the coloured alcohol inks on top of that. You can even use a brush to create a different look and on Yupo Paper, or cut out a section of your art and add it to a Bezel Jewellery Pendant to create a necklace or keyring.

We love using alcohol inks on aluminum boards,coasters, Yupo Paper, homeware items, ceramic vases/mugs, tiles, canvas, and other primed surfaces like wooden letters. 


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