Art Therapy Continues to Help Anxiety Sufferers

Art is a vital, somewhat intangible, therapy that we have access to, and it's not just for our little ones.

It's a non-invasive medium that allows us to feel a sense of calm, inviting us to sit back with our creative nature and let our thoughts wander effortlessly. At the same time, we lose ourselves in the entertaining world of imagination.

What is art therapy? 

Art therapy is a nonverbal, experience-oriented therapy that uses visual techniques (e.g. painting, drawing, sculpting, clay modelling) to promote health and wellness. 

The premise of this activity was born from the idea that self-expression can be a means of resolving inner conflict, develop interpersonal skills, manage behaviour, lessen stress and increase one's self-awareness. 

This form of therapy is often provided as either a standalone technique or a multidisciplinary treatment program. Usually, it targets patients working through difficult emotions, especially where patients have difficulty labelling cognitive feelings. 

Who should try art therapy? 

It has various subtypes based on multiple perspectives from psychoanalysis, cognitive-analytic therapies, compassion-focused therapy,  attachment-based psychotherapy, and client-centred approaches, like mindfulness.

Those who sometimes feel overwhelmed by the chaotic society we live in should try art therapy; it gives us the opportunity to slow down and explore uncomfortable feelings we may be sitting with. 

What are the mental benefits of art therapy for anxiety sufferers? 

Self-discovery: Any form of creating and experimenting can help you acknowledge and recognise feelings that have been sitting in your deeper mind.

Self-esteem: The journey will give you a feeling of self-accomplishment, which can be very helpful to increase your self-love and appreciation.

Emotional release: The biggest benefit is gaining a healthy outlet for expressing and letting go of certain emotions. Complex feelings like sadness or anger can be hard to make sense of or put into words. This is where art can help, giving you a channel and outlet to reflect on how you're feeling.

Stress relief: Combating anxiety, depression, or emotional trauma is stressful and can be draining for your mind and body. Art therapy can be used to relieve stress when you need it the most.

Where to start with art therapy to help ease your anxiety. 

You don't need to see a therapist to experience some of the therapeutic benefits of creative expression. 

You can try many simple activities from the comfort of your home, such as journaling, sketching, making collages, sculpting with clay, etc. It doesn't matter what media you choose. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable using it. 

To get those sensory inputs firing, we suggest the Resin Art Creations Kit!  The kit includes our 16-page downloadable instructional book that steps you through all of the skills and knowledge needed to create your artwork without any prior experience. 

This kit is guaranteed to assist you in your process of letting Gough (yes, a Van Gough pun) of emotional trauma, while you're physically immersed in the fun and addictive world of resin art.

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