This is not just marbelling, this is the traditional EBRU art, using traditional materials.

Ebru, also known as water/paper marbling, is a UNESCO heritage-listed traditional Turkish art of creating colorful patterns by dropping and splashing paints onto a tray of oily water with special brushes. These patterns are then transferred to a retentive piece of paper. It’s a mesmerising world due to the nature of the used materials. The end result of this work with its own spirit and nature actually looks like the magic itself, since each pattern and so does the result is unique and it’s impossible to replicate it.

This workshop is led by Eda Tevrizci who is an experienced ebru artist. The class will consist of two parts: it will commence with a brief history of ebru and introduction of traditional materials and then continue with the techniques and application process of traditional ebru patterns/ designs and transferring them on paper. It will be a hands-on experience for all participants, where everyone will get a chance to produce a series of unique ebru artworks, that will reflect their inner vision and creativity.  

Eda will personally teach you;

  • Brief history of Ebru art
  • Knowledge of traditional Ebru materials
  • Knowledge of preparing the earth pigments and the size (viscous water-based solution as one of the key elements of ebru art)
  • Exploring the techniques and application process of some traditional ebru patterns/ designs and transferring them on paper

When your class if finished;

  • Once the workshop is complete, you will acquire basic knowledge to practice the whole process of Ebru by yourself such as preparing the pigments and water; applying different patterns and techniques onto water and then transfer them to paper. You will understand the nature of Ebru materials and gain the ability to use them properly.
  • All materials will be provided
  • You will create at least 7-8 different patterns of your own artwork piece along with a marbled product (product can change each class)

Participants usually find this session as a captivating experience, in which they observe the brightness of colors on the still water surface. This workshop will be a meditative process of creative transformation of colours and patterns. Therapeutic nature of the practice helps with relaxation of mind and reveals positive energy. This class is suited for everyone, children & adults are welcome to attend.

Refreshments of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or chai will be supplied with some biscuits during the class.

(c) Art Tree Creations 2016


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