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Our Winter Sale will run till the end of June or until stocks run out.

33% off 60x60cm unprimed art board (set of 2)
15% off all 1 to 1 resins
15% off Amsterdam inks
15% off Art Tree Creations Pearl Powders and Fine Glitters
15% off all Yupo paper sizes

  • -33%
    $112.00 $75.00

    60cm x 60cm unprimed art board 2pk

    Hand built art boards

    47mm deep with a kiln dried pine frame and a 5mm mdf top with corner bracing

    Sides and Top sanded smooth and flush finish with a rounded top edge


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    $13.00 $11.05

    Amsterdam Acrylic Inks 30ml

    • 46 Brilliant artist quality acrylic inks (3 metallic & 4 reflex fluorescent)
    • 30 ml per bottle
    • Highly pigmented, water-based, quick drying & odourless
    • Waterproof once dry
    • Lightfast (except reflex colours)
    • Specially designed dripper (pipette)
    • Wide opening for use with brush or dip pen
    • Can be used in conjunction  with other acrylic paints & mediums
    • Ideal for acrylic pouring, calligraphy, watercolour effects, airbrushing & technical drawing
    • works perfectly in epoxy resins & provides a strong colour.
    • Suitable for a variety of surfaces including watercolour paper, cardstock, wood, canvas and more
      (Smooth surfaces like plastic and metal should be primed with a suitable primer first)
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    Art Resin (all sizes)

    Art Resin is a high quality, high gloss clear epoxy resin.

    Can be used as a clear or with colour mixed in.

    Art Resin is a thinner more free flowing resin for the artist that likes that attribute

    Art Resin is UV stabilized and certified non toxic

    Longer working time than many resins

    No VOC’s


    1 to 1 mixing ratio


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    Dalchem Crystal Clear Resin (All sizes)

    Dalchem Crystal Clear is a clear drying epoxy resin.

    Dries to a glass like finish.

    Accepts a wide range of colour pigments and powders

    Mixing ratio is 1 to 1 by volume (nice and easy)

    It has a 30 min pot life and has UV stabilisers to help resist yellowing for longer.


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    $6.90 $5.86

    Glitter Chunkies

    These beautiful glitter chunkies will provide every geode inspired art piece great sparkle.

    Easily applied into the resin mix, best sprinkled on top of the wet resin when tacky & sealed over with a clear coat.

    Each container is filled by volume as each colour weight is different.

    Available in 10 great colours these are the perfect additions to your art box.

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    Glitter Fine (including holographic glitter)


    add any of these to your beautiful geode resin art works & they will sparkle & twinkle away in the lights reflection.

    These glitters are super fine & super sparkly.  These colours will deliver the glamour your art deserves.

    Add it direct to your resin or sprinkle on top of the wet resin & cover with clear.

    Or it can be mixed in with other transparent colours to create a fantastic look

    So many options including 20 outstanding 90g Colours to choose from including 5 holographic colours

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    Master-Cast 121 Resin (All Sizes)

    Mastercast 1-2-1 is ambient temperature curing, solvent free, high build and U.V stabilised for oustanding results.

    This optically transparent coating / casting resin can be applied by pouring, brush or roller.

    Mastercast is odour-free with no solvent content, and is classified low flamability.

    The 1:1 mix ratio is convienent and easy to apply.

    The excellent clarity and transparency makes the resin system particularly suitable for the protection and decoration of :

    • Artwork (paintings, sculptures and layered collage)
    • Wood and timber artifacts
    • Clocks, pictures and puzzles
    • Tabletops and bar counters
    • Badges, emblems and jewellery manufacture
    • Flower-setting and paperweights
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    $10.95 $9.30

    Pearl Pigment Powders

    Assorted pearl / mica pigment colours

    These colours give a rich pearl effect to your work in vivid colours that look fantastic in resin

    Not much is needed

    The white pearl and white shimmer can be added to transparent pigment colours to give a pearl/shimmer effect

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    Total Cast, clear artwork resin (all sizes)

    Total Cast is a premium quality clear, self levelling resin that dries to a hard glass like finish.

    Total Cast is a polymer resin (not epoxy) and is Non toxic, VOC Free, Odour Free, Phenol Free and Solvent Free. Very good for sensitive skin.

    It has excellent UV stability and will accept a wide range of colour pigments, powders, dyes and inks.

    1 to 1 mixing ratio

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    Yupo Paper Assorted Sizes


    Yupo paper is a synthetic paper with a matte finish that is perfect for a variety of art

    We stock it in sizes of A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1 in a variety of thicknesses from 158gsm to 390gsm

    We also stock very large rolls of Yupo in 240 x 95cm and 10 yard rolls in 30 and 60inches wide (75cm and 150cm) all of which are 200gsm

    Perfect for watercolour & alcohol inks. Alcohol ink art is getting very popular as an abstract art style with very good reason. It looks fantastic, anyone can give it a go and you don’t need much to get started.

    Yupo paper can be framed in a picture frame, stuck down on an art board or cut into smaller pieces to make gift cards plus much more.