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  • $17.95

    Accessory Kit for Resin Art


    A small accessory box filled with what you need to do a few small resin creations.

    Each accessory box includes; 10 x  Large cups, 20 x Small cups, 1 x 50 pk Jumbo pops, 1 x  100 pk Regular pops, 1 x P2 Chemical mask, 1 x 2.6 x 3.6 Drop sheet,  10 x pairs of Nitrile Medium gloves.


  • $115.00

    Acrylic Art Kit

    one of each;

    Canvas 45cm x 61cm

    Atelier Interactive Acrylics Set

    Posca White Pen

    Chrome Pen

  • $55.00$110.00

    Canvas & Acrylic Starter Kit

    Choose x3 of the series 2 colours shown, list them in the comments section of the check out.

    Love Acrylics? Then this kit will get you underway on creating an amazing piece for your walls.

    A 60cm x 90cm triple primed canvas together with a set off 6 assorted synthetic brushes & your choice of any x3 series 2 Atelier Interactive Acrylic tubes.

    Choose x3 of the series 2 colours shown, list them in the comments section of the check out.


  • $59.00

    Canvas & Ink Starter Pack

    This kit will get you started with ink art on a great primed canvas surface.

    Choose x3 of the ink colours, combine them onto the canvas & you will have yourself a beautiful ink art piece to hang on your wall.

    Each kit comes complete with a 60cm x 60cm stretched double primed cotton canvas & x3 art spectrum pigmented inks & an ink extender which will assist with the concentration desperation of colour across the canvas surface.

    Choose 3 of the grea AS ink colours available – Leave your chosen x3 colour choice in the comments available at checkout.

    Over $75 worth at a great introductory kit price!

  • $129.95

    Pigment Value Pack 12pk

    Pigment Value pk contains 12 pigments of 4 different types and comes in a plastic storage case.

    The pack saves you approximately $30 compared to buying them separately.

    Pack contains the following:

    Metal Powders  –  Rich Gold,  Copper,  Aluminium Bright

    Pearl Powders  –  Muskyliscious,  Glamorous Night,  Caribbean Blue

    Epoxy Paste Pigment  –  Iceland White,  Mustard Oak,  Winter Ocean, Batman Black, Yellow Submarine & Fire Cracker




  • Placeholder

    Rebekah P – AI Boards

    Custom Listing for Rebekah P for Alcohol ink boards


    4 – 25 x 25

    4- 20 x 20

    4 – 40 x 40

    1- 55 x 75

    2 – 30 x 1.1



    4- 20 x 20

  • Placeholder

    Rebekah P – Alcohol Inks

    Custom Listing for Rebekah P.

    14 x Copic Ink

    5 x Ranger Pearl Inks

    6 x Standard Ranger Inks

  • $100.00

    Resin Art Creations Kit

    Get started creating your own resin art creations with this starter kit

    The kit includes our 16 page instructional book that steps you through all of skills and knowledge needed to create you very own artwork without any prior knowledge.

    It has pictures and detailed descriptions of each step, including safety and products.

    The other contents are listed below:

    • 1 litre of Dalchem Crystal Clear
    • 4 Art Tree Creations colour products
    • one 3.5 x 2.6mtr drop sheet
    • standard and jumbo popsticks
    • 10 mixing cups
    • 5 pairs of gloves

    Individually this is valued at over $130

    All you need is the surface that you are going to create your master piece on and a butane torch or heat gun

    We have 3 kits to choose from that have different colours which are listed in the individual product listing and the Ocean views kit also includes a bag of assorted sea shells.

  • $19.95

    Resin Art Masterclass instructional booklet

    We have developed a comprehensive 16 page booklet that guides you through creating your very own resin art masterpiece.

    It is complete with colour pictures of each step and a detailed description.

    Safety and products that can be used are all covered.

    And if you get stuck you can contact us for clarification at info@arttreecreations.com.au

    All printed on high quality 100 gsm gloss paper

  • -25%
    $39.90 $29.90

    Watercolour Creative Postcard Kit

    The perfect kit to get started in basic watercolour.

    This kit has a Letra watercolour set, brushes, fine black pen for adding highlights & a 15 sheet pad of postcard size watercolour papers.