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  • $19.95

    Accessory Kit for Resin Art

    A small accessory box filled with what you need to do a few small resin creations.

    Each accessory box includes; 10 x  Large cups, 20 x Small cups, 1 x 50 pk Jumbo pops, 1 x  100 pk Regular pops, 1 x P2 Chemical mask, 1 x 2.6 x 3.6 Drop sheet,  10 x pairs of Nitrile Medium gloves.

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    Brent listing

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  • $55.00$110.00

    Canvas & Acrylic Starter Kit

    Choose x3 of the series 2 colours shown, list them in the comments section of the check out.

    Love Acrylics? Then this kit will get you underway on creating an amazing piece for your walls.

    A 60cm x 90cm triple primed canvas together with a set off 6 assorted synthetic brushes & your choice of any x3 series 2 Atelier Interactive Acrylic tubes.

    Choose x3 of the series 2 colours shown, list them in the comments section of the check out.


  • $59.00

    Canvas & Ink Starter Pack

    This kit will get you started with ink art on a great primed canvas surface.

    Choose x3 of the ink colours, combine them onto the canvas & you will have yourself a beautiful ink art piece to hang on your wall.

    Each kit comes complete with a 60cm x 60cm stretched double primed cotton canvas & x3 art spectrum pigmented inks & an ink extender which will assist with the concentration desperation of colour across the canvas surface.

    Choose 3 of the grea AS ink colours available – Leave your chosen x3 colour choice in the comments available at checkout.

    Over $75 worth at a great introductory kit price!

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    Caroline Lever

    2 x 40 x 40cm champagne silver aluminium boards

    4 birch boards @ 25x30cm


  • $120.00

    Kristy Halls PM1

    This payment is 50% for the Resin Art Masterclass Canberra workshop for Kristy Halls.

    Please see Canberra listing for further details, Tam will send you a link to this.


  • $120.00

    Kristy Halls PM2

    This payment is 50% of Resin Art Masterclass in Canberra for Kristy Hills.


  • $129.95

    Pigment Value Pack 12pk

    Pigment Value pk contains 12 pigments of 4 different types and comes in a plastic storage case.

    The pack saves you approximately $30 compared to buying them separately.

    Pack contains the following:

    Metal Powders  –  Rich Gold,  Copper,  Aluminium Bright

    Pearl Powders  –  Muskyliscious,  Glamorous Night,  Caribbean Blue

    Epoxy Paste Pigment  –  Iceland White,  Mustard Oak,  Winter Ocean, Batman Black, Yellow Submarine & Fire Cracker




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    $39.90 $29.90

    Watercolour Creative Postcard Kit

    The perfect kit to get started in basic watercolour.

    This kit has a Letra watercolour set, brushes, fine black pen for adding highlights & a 15 sheet pad of postcard size watercolour papers.