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    Artificial Crystal Gems

    Each canister is 500g of artificial crystal gems.

    These are coloured perfectly to match in with your geode inspired artwork. They are affordable & provide a beautiful crushed gem look.

    Available in 6 assorted colours to suit many of the geode art designs.

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    $250.00 $130.00

    Chemical Romance – Resin Art Hexagon 50cm

    Chemical Romance by Tamara Marie

    Resin art 50 cm Hexagon high quality art board featuring a metallic silver lace.

    Shipping available Australia wide

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    Craft Pop Sticks Natural

    Natural Craft Pop Sticks

    100 pk or 1000 pk

    Great buy if you use a lot of craft sticks with your projects.


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    Large Wooden Letters and Symbols (20cm high)

    These Mdf timber letters and symbols are a great size being quite large at 20cm high, providing a good surface area to create your artwork on.

    They come with a double primed white finish all over.

    They are 20mm deep and all letters and symbols will free stand easily.

    These letters look fantastic with any type of artwork on them or just left white.

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    $15.95 $11.96

    Mrs.Colorberry Resin Art Pigments

    We are so excited to be stocking the Mrs.Colorberry resin art pigment range and to be the exclusive stockist & distributor for Australia & New Zealand.


    There are 8 rich & bold resin pigment pastes along with 4 resin geode metallics, & two pearl pigments you are sure to find some amazing colours to create your very own spectacular art.

    We even hear there may be a range of glitters coming soon.

  • $17.00$120.00

    Round Aluminium top Alcohol Ink Art Boards

    These aluminium panel top round art boards have been developed for anyone wanting a super smooth, gloss black or gloss white surface.

    They are perfect for Alcohol Ink art work or any application where you require a non absorbent smooth surface.

    They feature a heavy duty aluminium composite panel top bonded to a 12mm mdf ring frame

    These art boards are a perfect alternative to Yupo paper, saving the time, effort and cost to glue Yupo paper down to a separate round art board

    Once you have completed your alcohol ink art you seal the surface just like you would on yupo paper and you can also put a layer of your favorite art resin epoxy resin.

    These art panels are also perfect for other art mediums where a super smooth surface is required.

    They are ready to go with no preparation steps required other than wiping them over with isopropl to make sure they are free from contamination.

    We make these our selves at our Bayswater warehouse in Melbourne, if you require a larger size to the ones listed, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    These boards also come in square and rectangle.

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    TAG Pearl 90g Face Paint

    High quality water soluble pearl face paint that gives you excellent coverage in vibrant colours.

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    TAG Regular 90g Face Paint

    High quality water soluble face paint that gives you excellent coverage in vibrant colours.