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Here is a little bit of everything that we have added to our Shop! Can range from Art Boards to Colour Pigment, Silicone Moulds or Art Accessories.
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  • $18.00

    Bezel Studs with Regular Tassels 5pk

    These are by far the ones which will stand out in your range of resin jewellery.  Create & match the tassel to your design in the 12mm bezel setting.  Add some beautiful coloured resin or change it up, add glitter to sparkle & set these off or even some beautiful flora.




  • $60.00

    Bookend / Paperweight silicone mould

    Our Silicone moulds are made from the highest quality silicone that is capable of being used 30 plus times if looked after each use.  Suitable for use with epoxy resin or casting resin you can get really creative by combining our epoxy paste range together with our great resin colour range.  Each silicon mold is made by hand in our studio & ready for you to start creating your resin art pieces.

    This bookend / paper weight is 97mm x 97mm x 45mm and has a gloss finish.

  • $45.00

    Buddha Hand Dish

    This beautiful Buddha Hand comes with the finest design detail which appears on the palm surface of the dish.

    Every one of our silicone moulds are made from high quality silicone that is perfect for resin, concrete or plaster.  Each silicone mould can be used together with our large range of epoxy pigments or our other resin colour products to achieve amazing mould results.

  • $40.00

    Crystal Link Dish Mould

    This crystal look dish is simply stunning. With the option of 2 linking together you can create the perfect linked pair addition or sell them separate. Creating each using epoxy resin or your chosen casting resin together with our range of epoxy pigments from our wide range of resin colour.

    Each silicone mould is made from a high quality silicone in our studio, each silicone mold should create over 30 pieces of resin art for your homewares range when looked after well.


  • $3.60

    Dangle Earring Jewellery Mould

    These small moulds perfect for resin are suitable to create 4 assorted sets of resin dangles to add to the perfect studs to add to your jewellery range.

    Measuring 5.3 x 6.7 outside & the individual earring mould shapes range between 0.5-2.3cm

    Sold as a sing mould only ** Please not these moulds are imported & there may be slight imperfections in the mould outer surface **

  • $19.95

    Drop Bezel Stud Sets with Sparkle Leaf Dangles Pk5

    This perfect set of 5 black colour stud bezel settings are the perfect addition to add too your jewellry collection.

    Add your own resin coloured twist to reflect the perfect textured glitter sparkle leaf drop.

    Sold in set of 5 pairs only with your choice of rose gold or multi coloured leaf shape dangle to compliment them along with the stud backs & jump rings for easy connection.

  • $240.00

    Epoxy Resin Colour – mega 35 pk

    Our Art Tree Creations Epoxy Resin Colour Mega 35pk pigment colours is everything you need to colour your epoxy resin for resin art or resin table and river table creations.

    This pack contains:

    4 metal powders- Rich Gold, Aluminium Bright, Rose Gold, Copper.

    19 of our epoxy pastes – Turquoise Blue, Boysenberry, Dusty Pink, Aussie Sand, Cobalt Lagoon, Mustard Oak, Panama Rose, Bumble Bee, Yellow Submarine, Tropical Bird, Luscious Lilac, Winter Ocean, Rich Emerald, Pipeline Grey, Iceland White, Batman Black, Peachy Pink, Fire Cracker, Blue Heaven.

    8 from our pearl powder range- Rainforest Green, Mermaid, Blue Opal, Red Centre, Shimmer, Himalayan Salt, Glamorous Night, Mystical Gateway

    4 from our fine glitter range – Silver Moon, Peacock, Ruby Slippers, Aqua Aura.


    We have selected a range of colours that includes our most popular colours and some of our favourites that are unsung heroes.

    The bottles are a 20ml bottle which contains approximately half of our normal sized containers which is enough colourant to colour litres and litres of resin in each colour, not just a sample.

    All of this resin colour goodness comes in in case that neatly holds the 35 containers.


    *** Please note*** As we are phasing out the H2O Epoxy Paste range, the 5 H2o colours have been replaced with 2 x pearl pigments and 3 x epoxy pastes as listed in pack contents above.

  • $6.00

    Large Wooden Letters and Symbols (20cm high)

    These Mdf timber letters and symbols are a great size being quite large at 20cm high, providing a good surface area to create your artwork on.

    They come with a double primed white finish all over.

    They are 20mm deep and all letters and symbols will free stand easily.

    These letters look fantastic with any type of artwork on them or just left white.

  • $5.00

    Monstera Leaf Mould

    This perfect little monstera leaf mould is suitable for your resin creations. You could attach a chain to make this into a necklace, you could choose to embed your casting into a coaster mould, or even add attachments to them to create the perfect set of earrings.

    The mould measure 7.5 x 5cm

    Sold as a single mould only ** Please note these moulds are imported & there may have slight imperfections in the mould outer surface **


  • $45.00

    Octagon Dish Mould

    This high gloss octagon dish is the perfect addition to any dresser or side table.

    Perfect to keep jewellery or add nuts on a serving tray (when food safe substances are used)

    Each of our silicone moulds are made from high quality silicone suitable for resin, concrete or plaster. Each silicone mold is suitable for epoxy resin or your chosen casting resin, use them together with our full range of resin colour products like our epoxy pigments to create an amazing piece each time.

  • $21.90

    Pendant Matching Set of 5 Rectangle Rose Gold

    Set of 5 Rose Gold rectangle pendant 24mm x 48mm with matching gold ball chain (75cm long)

    Perfect addition to add to your jewellery range.

    Sold in a pack of 5 only.

  • $14.90

    Pendant Matching Set Pk of 5 Black

    Set of 5 Black pendant 25mm with matching gold ball chain (75cm long)

    Perfect addition to add to your jewellery range.

    Sold in a pack of 5 only.

  • $18.90

    Pendant Matching Set Pk of 5 Gold

    Set of 5 Gold pendant 25mm with matching gold ball chain (75cm long)

    Perfect addition to add to your jewellery range.

    Sold in a pack of 5 only.

  • $19.90

    Pendant Matching Set Pk of 5 Rose Gold

    Set of 5 Rose Gold pendant 25mm with matching gold ball chain (75cm long)

    Perfect addition to add to your jewellery range.

    Sold in a pack of 5 only.

  • $5.35

    Posca Fine 3M 0.9-1.3mm Bullet Tip GLITTER

    The Uniball Posca PC-3M Glitter Pen is a fine bullet tip which produces a line approximately 0.9-1.3mm thick.

    Bright, bold, opaque color: Posca felt-tip markers contain a special water-based pigment ink that can be used on almost any surface: plastic, metal, wood, glass, plaster, canvas and more. Professional quality yet versatile, fun, and easy-to-use – perfect for all your design and arts and crafts needs… Just press the tip against a hard surface and let your creative journey begin!

    Posca’s ink formula is non-toxic, lightfast and waterproof, and has no unpleasant odor. It doesn’t bleed through paper (unlike alcohol-based marker ink) and can even be scraped off hard, non-porous surfaces like glass after application. The body of the marker contains a small ball designed to ensure the ink is evenly mixed, and the tips can be rinsed clean with water.