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Here is a little bit of everything that we have added to our Shop! Can range from Art Boards to Colour Pigment, Silicone Moulds or Art Accessories.
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  • $60.00

    Bookend / Paperweight silicone mould

    Our Silicone moulds are made from the highest quality silicone that is capable of being used 30 plus times if looked after each use.  Suitable for use with epoxy resin or casting resin you can get really creative by combining our epoxy paste range together with our great resin colour range.  Each silicon mold is made by hand in our studio & ready for you to start creating your resin art pieces.

    This bookend / paper weight is 97mm x 97mm x 45mm and has a gloss finish.

  • $45.00

    Buddha Hand Dish

    This beautiful Buddha Hand comes with the finest design detail which appears on the palm surface of the dish.

    Every one of our silicone moulds are made from high quality silicone that is perfect for resin, concrete or plaster.  Each silicone mould can be used together with our large range of epoxy pigments or our other resin colour products to achieve amazing mould results.

  • $40.00

    Crystal Link Dish Mould

    This crystal look dish is simply stunning. With the option of 2 linking together you can create the perfect linked pair addition or sell them separate. Creating each using epoxy resin or your chosen casting resin together with our range of epoxy pigments from our wide range of resin colour.

    Each silicone mould is made from a high quality silicone in our studio, each silicone mold should create over 30 pieces of resin art for your homewares range when looked after well.


  • $30.95

    Ease Release 200, mould release spray

    Ease Release® 200 is an excellent general purpose release agent for making molds and casting parts.

    This product will release epoxy resin, polyester resins, RTV silicones.

    Spray a small amount onto the mould or product you want the silicone or resin to release from.

    As such a small amount is used, 1 can lasts for a very long time.

    Using ease release will minimize failed moulds due to adhesion.

    Gives a satin surface finish

  • $55.00

    Heart Shape Bowl Mould

    Bowl Size 114 x 109 x 27mm

    Our silicone moulds are hand made from high quality silicone that lasts up to 30 moulds when looked after. With each silicone mold you can create your desired resin art piece with either epoxy resin or some casting resins.  Combined with our resin pigment range you are sure to find the perfect colour especially in our extended epoxy paste range for your new heart dish creations.

  • $45.00

    Irregular bowl mould

    Bowl Size  105 x 90 x 27mm

    Our silicone moulds are hand made from the highest quality of silicone that lasts up to 30 moulds when looked after.  Creating with our silicone molds will make the use of epoxy resin or your casting resin with ease, the silicone mould has extremely high flex which allows for easier demoulding. By using our range of epoxy pigments together with our other resin pigments you will be able to create amazing resin art bowls.

  • $6.00

    Large Wooden Letters and Symbols (20cm high)

    These Mdf timber letters and symbols are a great size being quite large at 20cm high, providing a good surface area to create your artwork on.

    They come with a double primed white finish all over.

    They are 20mm deep and all letters and symbols will free stand easily.

    These letters look fantastic with any type of artwork on them or just left white.

  • $80.00

    Long Plate Mould

    A perfect plate to create & look effective as any addition to your resin art range. Create using our range of vivid epoxy pigments from our resin colour range for your chosen epoxy resin or casting resins & it will have your pieces set to be conversation staters amongst your customers.

    Plate measures 20cm long x 12cm wide & has a wave in the side edge which is uneven.

    All of our silicone moulds are made by high quality silicone & is suitable for resin, plaster & concrete. Each silicone mold is made in our studio by hand.


  • $16.00

    Mini Butane Torch

    This small refillable butane torch is great for small applications.

    Simple and effective to use

  • $35.00

    Mini Trinket Bowl Mould

    This little trinket bowl is the perfect addition to any dresser or side table.

    The silicone mould is made from high quality silicone with good stretch for an easy demould. Each silicone mold is made here in our studio. For best colour results from your mould use epoxy or your chosen casting resin together with our resin colour range, like our epoxy pigments which have a large range of colours to choose from.

    Add resin or concrete or even plaster to this mould to create it is colours of your choice.

  • $19.95

    Molotow Metallic spray paint

  • $15.45

    Mrs ColorBerry fine/course Glitters

  • $15.95

    Mrs.Colorberry Resin Art Pigments

    We are so excited to be stocking the Mrs.Colorberry resin art pigment range and to be the exclusive stockist & distributor for Australia & New Zealand.


    There are 8 rich & bold resin pigment pastes along with 4 resin geode metallics, & two pearl pigments you are sure to find some amazing colours to create your very own spectacular art.

    We even hear there may be a range of glitters coming soon.

  • $45.00

    Octagon Dish Mould

    This high gloss octagon dish is the perfect addition to any dresser or side table.

    Perfect to keep jewellery or add nuts on a serving tray (when food safe substances are used)

    Each of our silicone moulds are made from high quality silicone suitable for resin, concrete or plaster. Each silicone mold is suitable for epoxy resin or your chosen casting resin, use them together with our full range of resin colour products like our epoxy pigments to create an amazing piece each time.

  • $5.35

    Posca Fine 3M 0.9-1.3mm Bullet Tip GLITTER

    The Uniball Posca PC-3M Glitter Pen is a fine bullet tip which produces a line approximately 0.9-1.3mm thick.

    Bright, bold, opaque color: Posca felt-tip markers contain a special water-based pigment ink that can be used on almost any surface: plastic, metal, wood, glass, plaster, canvas and more. Professional quality yet versatile, fun, and easy-to-use – perfect for all your design and arts and crafts needs… Just press the tip against a hard surface and let your creative journey begin!

    Posca’s ink formula is non-toxic, lightfast and waterproof, and has no unpleasant odor. It doesn’t bleed through paper (unlike alcohol-based marker ink) and can even be scraped off hard, non-porous surfaces like glass after application. The body of the marker contains a small ball designed to ensure the ink is evenly mixed, and the tips can be rinsed clean with water.