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Resin Pigment

Are you looking for bold colour, effects & style in your coloured epoxy resin art?
Art Tree Creations range of resin pigment colours are your best option to achieve all of these, with over 100 colours to choose from you can also create & blend your own unique colours with each of them.
Our range has an assortment of pigments to choose from including pigment pastes, pearl pigments, mica powder, metal powder pigments, colour dyes & glow in the dark pigments.

At Art Tree Creations, we offer you epoxy pigment products that deliver a beautiful solid opaque colour which can provide you with lacing or our translucent colours which helps provide you with depth. The pearl range will add a beautiful metallic shimmer to your art while the metal pigments are leafing grade & will float on top providing a liquid metal effect. Glow in the dark pigment provide a night time glow when added to your works.

Pigment Paste
These colours are a heavily concentrated pigment to be added to epoxy resin. A honey consistency you only require a small amount to achieve a strong bold colour that can easily help you achieve effects such as lacing & cells.

Pigment Paste H2O
H2O colours are a concentrated epoxy resin pigment that can be mixed with other H2O colours easily to create your own unique colour. Use these to achieve solid colour throughout your art piece.

Resin Dye
A high clarity transparent resin dye, these colours will blend well together allowing you to also create your own unique colours & provide your art with incredible depth when used together with our other resin pigments.

Pigment Pearl
Add a beautiful metallic shimmer to your art by using the resin pigment pearl range of colours. The pearls can be mixed to create your very own unique pearl colour.

Pigment Metal
These amazing metal pigment powders will provide your work with a real leafing metal effect. This range of metal resin pigments can be added directly to resin, to the surface first or sprinkled across the top of wet resin for many different effects in your art. These metal powders are made from real metal, not just a metal look alike to give you a premium finish.

Pigment Glow In The Dark
Add a glow to your work by using these resin pigments, works perfectly for adding effects to fishing lures, resin jewellery and furniture.

All of our resin colour products have been tried and tested over many years and made to a high standard. They are all highly concentrated meaning you only need to add a small amount in your epoxy resin or polymer resin to create lush intense resin colour.

  • amsterdam-acrylic-ink-col-chartamsterdam-acrylic-inks

    Amsterdam Acrylic Inks 30ml

    • 46 Brilliant artist quality acrylic inks (3 metallic & 4 reflex fluorescent)
    • 30 ml per bottle
    • Highly pigmented, water-based, quick drying & odourless
    • Waterproof once dry
    • Lightfast (except reflex colours)
    • Specially designed dripper (pipette)
    • Wide opening for use with brush or dip pen
    • Can be used in conjunction  with other acrylic paints & mediums
    • Ideal for acrylic pouring, calligraphy, watercolour effects, airbrushing & technical drawing
    • works perfectly in epoxy resins & provides a strong colour.
    • Suitable for a variety of surfaces including watercolour paper, cardstock, wood, canvas and more
      (Smooth surfaces like plastic and metal should be primed with a suitable primer first)
  • transparent-dyes-group

    Dye Transparent Colours 25ml

    Highly Concentrated transparent epoxy resin dyes.

    add a few drops or until the desired colour is reached for a beautiful crisp colour that is bright.

    Can be mixed to achieve your own colour

  • screen-shot-2018-10-09-at-10-17-03-pmdsc07323
    $12.50$154.00 $12.50$120.00

    Epoxy Pigment Paste

    These NEW Epoxy Pigment Paste’s are part of our extended range of resin pigment colours. They are a strong concentrated resin based pigment that goes a long way.

    It has a thick consistency that mixes with resin extremely well, only requiring a small pea sized amount to start building your colour strength.

    Available in 38 colours in 50g pots, these blend well together to create your own special colours.  Pour them together with other colours from our amazing pigment pro range available in store & online. Colour charts are an estimate guide only.


    (Add your colour choice list in the comments of your order.)

    Limited time only to celebrate this new range being released!!!

  • dsc09529dsc09538

    Glitter Fine (including holographic glitter)


    add any of these to your beautiful geode resin art works & they will sparkle & twinkle away in the lights reflection.

    These glitters are super fine & super sparkly.  These colours will deliver the glamour your art deserves.

    Add it direct to your resin or sprinkle on top of the wet resin & cover with clear.

    Or it can be mixed in with other transparent colours to create a fantastic look

    So many options including 20 outstanding 90g Colours to choose from including 5 holographic colours

  • glow in the dark cobalt blueglow in the dark pigment

    Glow in the Dark pigment powder

    Glow in the Dark pigments can give your resin pieces an unbelievable wow factor.

    Can be used on its own or along with other colour pigments like using shimmer powder with it for example.

    Perfect for use in resin art wall art, stools or resin castings in silicone moulds

    It is also great for use when making resin timber tables etc

    Packs are 100grams

    Photos are REAL photos of the pigment powder we have taken ourselves

  • dsc07057

    Ink – Art Spectrum Colours

    Pigmented Inks are greatly superior to traditional dye based inks that fade rapidly.

    strong, brilliant colours – Made in Australia
    Clean, intense colours that dilute with water or best with their extender & mix with resin extremely well.

    Fast drying, water resistant when dry

    Exceptionally smooth flow
    Gives even washes without patchiness.

    Clean, bright, strong colours – allows for clean intermixing

    May be overlaid for deeper tints
    For pale tints add white. For deep tones add black.

    Can be diluted for transparent water colour effects

  • aluminium metal powder smooth finishdsc09403

    Metal Pigment Powders – GOLD/COPPER/Aluminium/Rose Gold

    These powders give the ultimate metallic leafing finish in resin & you will want to use them continuously.

    It is available in 4 shades, sold in one size container which carry the same volume though each powders weight is different.

    Using only a smalll amount into your resin mix you can achieve the most amazing of metal looking finishes.

    Copper Fine 36 (50g) – Is a beautiful copper metallic with an amazing finish that can be achieved to look like real copper.

    Rich Gold Fine 36 (50g) – Is a beautiful rich gold metallic with an amazing finish that can be achieved to look like real gold.

    Rose Gold fine 36 (50g) – Is a beautiful rose gold colour which will be a perfect addition to add that wow to your art work.

    Aluminium Bright (15g, same volume as the others, its just very light) – This is a brilliant silver leafing grade offering a reflective sparkle to your work (not suitable for polyurathane resins – epoxys only)

  • MICA BRONZEdsc09454

    Metallic MICA Pigment Powder 15ml

    15ml Metallic pigment powders available in 6 different colours.

    Suitable for adding to base paints, liquids & perfect for adding to resin to give a great shimmer finish.

    Also suitable to be used with face paints & stencil tattoos. (skin safe)

    COLOURS: Pink, Blue, Bronze, Purple, Gold & White

  • dsc05008dsc04985

    Opaque Pigment 45ml Pastels

    Coloured pigment specifically designed for colouring resin. This pigment is concentrated & can be used to create an opaque colour or used sparingly to create a translucent colour in your resin art or resin jewellery.

    Mixable colours, each pigment will combine & mix well together to create your very own one of a kind colour! 

  • dsc09408

    Opaque Pigment Colours

    Coloured pigment specifically designed for colouring resin. This pigment is concertrated & can be used to create an opaque colour or used sparingly to create a translucent colour in your resin art or resin jewellery.

    Mixable colours, each pigment will combine & mix well together to create your very own one of a kind colour! 

    CUSTOM COLOUR: Can not find a colour that you are after, request a custom colour by sending an email to tam@arttreecreations.com.au & we can create the colour you are after.


  • dsc09437

    Pearl Pigment Powders

    Assorted pearl / mica pigment colours

    These colours give a rich pearl effect to your work in vivid colours that look fantastic in resin

    Not much is needed

    The white pearl and white shimmer can be added to wet pigment colours to give a pearl/shimmer effect

  • dsc07429resin pigment pk

    Pigment Value Pack 12pk

    Pigment Value pk contains 12 pigments of 4 different types and comes in a plastic storage case.

    The pack saves you approximately $30 compared to buying them separately.

    Pack contains the following:

    Metal Powders  –  Rich Gold,  Copper,  Aluminium Bright

    Pearl Powders  –  Muskyliscious,  Glamorous Night,  Caribbean Blue

    Opaque Pigments  –  Black,  Red,  Yellow

    Pigment Gel  –  Iceland White,  Mustard,  Winter Ocean