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  • dsc06679

    Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner

    Cleans & preserves natural or synthetic brushes.
    Easily removes acrylic, oil or lacquer.

    Available in 250ml

    This product is also known to be able to remove dries paint that is years old.

  • dsc05613dsc05612

    Gesso Primer 300ml/ 1L

    White gesso primer for the preparation of raw surfaces. Dries quickly & has a light matt finish which allows good adhesion of acrylics, oils or other art materials.

  • dsc06782

    Glaze Paste

    Glaze paste is used to seal artworks & is perfect for this application prior to putting Glass Coat over your paintings.

  • dsc05610

    Lumiere Halo & Jewel Colour 9 Set

    Jacquard 9 pk of metalliic & pearlescent colours of light bodied paint.

    Perfect to be mixed into resin or used by themselves on silk, paper, wood or fabric.

    Colours; Halo Pink Gold, Halo Blue Gold, Halo Violet Gold, Pearl Turquoise, Pearl Emerald, Pearl Magenta, Metallic Russet, Pewter & Sunset Gold.

  • dsc06091

    Maimeri Odourless Thinner

    Odouless thinner 75ml

    Suitable for thinning artist oil paints

  • varnish-mattgloss-varnish

    Micador Picture Varnish Spray 450g

    Acid Free Acid Free

    Designed in Australia. Manufactured in Australia.

    • High quality clear varnish with a satin finish.
    • Ideal choice when the dullness of mat and the glare of gloss is not required.
    • Water-like clarity that will not yellow with age.
    • May be removed with gentle solvent making restoration easy.

  • pebeo-transparent-gesso

    Pebeo Artist Transparent Gesso 1ltr

    A transparent coating for the preparation of surfaces that require a see through coating in preparation for painting. Dries quickly & has a light matt finish which improves the adhesion of acrylic, oil paint or other art medium layers.

  • dsc06966

    Pebeo Drawing Gum

    Pebeo Masking Drawing Fluid Gum is the World’s favourite masking agent for watercolour, pen and airbrush work. It is water soluble so it is easy to clean brushes. It is blue tinted so you can keep track on where it is working.

    When using Pebeo Masking Drawing Fluid Gum it will protect the white of the paper, keeping the bright illumination clear and clean looking.

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    RGM Pigment Powders 100g

    These pure pigments are both beautiful & bold in colour. Add them to varnish finishes, resins or even plaster to contribute to a beautiful bold colour additive.

    RGM is a renowned Italian brand that produce beautiful colour pigments.