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    Acrylic Gem Crystals

  • dsc06151

    Artificial Crystal Gems

    Each canister is 500g of artificial crystal gems.

    These are coloured perfectly to match in with your geode inspired artwork. They are affordable & provide a beautiful crushed gem look.

    Available in 6 assorted colours to suit many of the geode art designs.

  • Crushed Mirror

    Crushed Mirror


    Crushed Mirror is  a great product to enhance your epoxy pigments in your geode art work.

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    Crystal Chips & Shards

    High quality real crystals perfect for your geode art.

    Hand picked straight out of Brazil by a local supplier.

    12 assorted mini chip colours to choose from, along with the beautiful singing crystals.

    Should you require further colour variations, please contact us to discuss.

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    Geode Resin Art Accessories Kit

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    Glitter Chunkies

    These beautiful glitter chunkies will provide every geode inspired art piece great sparkle.

    Easily applied into the resin mix, best sprinkled on top of the wet resin when tacky & sealed over with a clear coat.

    Each container is filled by volume as each colour weight is different.

    Available in 10 great colours these are the perfect additions to your art box.

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    Imitation Metal Leaf Flakes

  • mrs-colorberry-e-class-pk
    $94.70 $86.00

    Mrs Colorberry E-Class Colour Pack

    With the announcement of her online Resin E-Class we are super excited to offer all her colours she uses in a special pack.

    Use these together & follow along when you purchase her e-class from her  website.

    Colorberry Pastes; Agate Blue, Agate Teal, Magic Pink, Rubin Plum with her very own Glitters; Fine Gold & Holograpic Glitter Moonsone.

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    Pebeo Guilding Paste 75ml

    A ready to use guilding paste to be used with the Pebeo leafing sheets or flakes.

    Suitable for use on all clean & dry surfaces. 75ml

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    Pebeo Leaf Guilding Flakes

    Available in 4 colours these leafing flakes are perfect for mixing in with resin & onto your original artwork.

    Gold = 85% Copper 15% Zinc

    Silver = 100% Aluminium

    Copper = 100% Copper

    Dark Gold = 90% Copper 10% Zinc

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    Pebeo Leafing Sheets (12pk)

    Available in 3 colours, perfect for adding to your original artwork & creating a metal finish effect.

    Use with Pebeo Gulding Paste (available in our art store)

    Gold, Silver & Copper

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    Posca Fine 3M 0.9-1.3mm Bullet Tip GLITTER

    The Uniball Posca PC-3M Glitter Pen is a fine bullet tip which produces a line approximately 0.9-1.3mm thick.

    Bright, bold, opaque color: Posca felt-tip markers contain a special water-based pigment ink that can be used on almost any surface: plastic, metal, wood, glass, plaster, canvas and more. Professional quality yet versatile, fun, and easy-to-use – perfect for all your design and arts and crafts needs… Just press the tip against a hard surface and let your creative journey begin!

    Posca’s ink formula is non-toxic, lightfast and waterproof, and has no unpleasant odor. It doesn’t bleed through paper (unlike alcohol-based marker ink) and can even be scraped off hard, non-porous surfaces like glass after application. The body of the marker contains a small ball designed to ensure the ink is evenly mixed, and the tips can be rinsed clean with water.

  • Mrs Colorberry book

    Resin Art Book By Mrs Colorberry

    Resin art book by mrs colorberry is an introduction into the tips and techniques for creating fantastic resin art pieces and geode resin art