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At Art Tree Creations we have a variety of high quality colour products to suit your art style.

We have an extensive range of Alcohol inks in the following brands, Tim Holtz Ranger inks, Jacquard Pinata Inks and Copic inks. There are hundreds of colours to choose from across the 3 ranges for use in your alcohol ink artwork.

Resin colour products for resin art are used in epoxy resin and polymer resins.
Art Tree Creations resin colour products have been tested and developed over many years and are of the highest quality. They feature pearl / mica powders, metal powders made from actual metal, transparent resin dyes, epoxy pigment pastes and water soluble colour pastes. These are all highly concentrated and give your resin art sensational colours. They are also perfect for use in epoxy resin that is going to be used in timber tables etc.

There are so many acrylic paint brands to choose from. We stock Atelier range of acrylics as we believe they are a great quality product, Australian made at a reasonable price. These acrylics are extremely easy to use with a mix of the Atelier mediums to suit your art style.

Acrylic inks are growing in popularity, we stock a growing range in brands like Art Spectrum & Amsterdam. Both brands are colourfast & all colours are highly pigmented. Mix to create your own colours or choose one from the wide colour range on offer from each brands range.

Effects Paints are available to add & assist you to achieve different decorative finishes with your artwork. Including brands like Pebeo& X-Press It, we have on offer a range of rusting & corrosive mediums. The Fantasy Moon &Prisme effects paint along with all the guilding mediums including flakes & sheets.

Mediums and mixitives offer you options for your artwork, from priming to adding some texture, varnishing your works or cleaning your brushes, you will be able to find something in here which will suit your extra artist needs.

  • dsc09443dsc09441

    20pk Ranger Ink bulk buy (with free Ranger storage tin)

    Get a ranger ink tin that holds 30 bottles (20 now and room for another 10)

    Tim Holtz Ranger inks come in over 60 fantastic colours and are popular the world over.

    Alcohol inks can be used in a huge range of ways to create your very own wall art, gift cards, decorate homewares or just about anything you can think of.

    They also work fantastic under resin art to create a base colour palette to build upon.

    Can be used on Yupo paper, art boards or many other surfaces.

    Choose 20 colours and list them at the checkout in the additional information box.

    NO Mixative colours in list of 20 or multiples of one colour.

  • dsc00342dsc00347

    Acrylic Gem Crystals

  • dsc05615dsc05614

    Alcohol Ink Art Accessories

    A range of the Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Blending products.

    Alcohol Blending Solution 59ml, perfect for alcohol ink art & spreading & blending alcohol ink colours.

    Blending Solution Pen (No Blending Solution Included) With a Brush Tip & Fine Tip perfect for small detail works.


    *this product cannot be shipped internationally due to being Dangerous goods

  • Alcohol ink art boardaluminium top art board

    Alcohol Ink Art Boards

    These art boards have been designed and tested with the Alcohol ink artist in mind.

    Many artists complain about the process of sticking large sheets of Yupo to a board and trying not to get bubbles or creases. The easiest way to solve this is to do away with the Yupo paper all together.

    These art boards feature a white 3mm Aluminium composite panel top that behaves very similar to Yupo paper when using alcohol inks. Another feature of the non porous surface is if you don’t like your artwork you can remove it with isopropyl and start again.

    Sealing your art work requires the same products as sealing it on Yupo paper.

    The Frame is constructed from a single piece of 25mm ply giving the edges a fantastic raw urban industrial look and the boards excellent stability.

    The edges have been sanded beautify smooth and flush to give a clean professional finish which can be left raw or enhanced with a clear finish or painted if you wish.



  • dsc06664

    Alcohol Ink Ranger 14ml Mixatives

    The Ranger alcohol inks are low viscosity & perfect for use on all non-porous surfaces such as Yupo papers & tiles.


    *this product cannot be shipped internationally due to being Dangerous goods

  • dsc09474dsc09491

    Alcohol Ink Starter Kit

    A great small kit for the beginner & an introduction to alcohol inks.

    Perfect small gift, add a A4 frame & you will have some perfect wall art for your home.

    Each kit comes with set colours, a small extender & a pack of 10 sheets of A4 yupo paper


    Set 1: Silver, Chilli Pepper, Sunbright Yellow, Blanco White.

    Set 2: Shadow Grey, Senorita Magenta, Rich Gold, Sapphire Blue.

    Set 3: Rainforest Greet, Sangria, Baja Blue, Silver.


    *this product cannot be shipped internationally due to being Dangerous goods

  • dsc09328dsc09335

    Alcohol Ink Storage Tin

    The Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink Storage Tin is the ideal storage solution for Alcohol Ink bottles. Organise and transport Alcohol Inks easily in this convenient tin. Features a clear window and hinged metal closure. Holds up to 30 – .5 oz Alcohol Ink bottles. Custom tray keeps Alcohol Inks in place for easy access.

  • ranger-alcohol-inks

    Alcohol Inks Ranger 14ml Black, Brown, Yellow, Orange & Red Tones

    Ranger alcohol inks are low viscosity & have 64 assorted beautiful colours. Perfect for use on non porous surfaces such as yupo paper & tiles.


    *this product cannot be shipped internationally due to being Dangerous goods

  • ranger-alcohol-inks

    Alcohol Inks Ranger 14ml Green, Blue, Purple & Pink Tones

    Ranger alcohol inks are low viscosity & have 66 assorted beautiful colours. Perfect for use on non porous surfaces such as yupo paper & tiles.


    *this product cannot be shipped internationally due to being Dangerous goods

  • dsc00060Square Coasters

    Aluminium Panel Coasters 4pk

  • amsterdam-acrylic-ink-col-chartamsterdam-acrylic-inks

    Amsterdam Acrylic Inks 30ml

    • 46 Brilliant artist quality acrylic inks (3 metallic & 4 reflex fluorescent)
    • 30 ml per bottle
    • Highly pigmented, water-based, quick drying & odourless
    • Waterproof once dry
    • Lightfast (except reflex colours)
    • Specially designed dripper (pipette)
    • Wide opening for use with brush or dip pen
    • Can be used in conjunction  with other acrylic paints & mediums
    • Ideal for acrylic pouring, calligraphy, watercolour effects, airbrushing & technical drawing
    • works perfectly in epoxy resins & provides a strong colour.
    • Suitable for a variety of surfaces including watercolour paper, cardstock, wood, canvas and more
      (Smooth surfaces like plastic and metal should be primed with a suitable primer first)
  • dsc06151

    Artificial Crystal Gems

    Each canister is 500g of artificial crystal gems.

    These are coloured perfectly to match in with your geode inspired artwork. They are affordable & provide a beautiful crushed gem look.

    Available in 6 assorted colours to suit many of the geode art designs.

  • dsc06666

    Atelier Binder Medium

    Atelier Binder Medium is one of their most popular & versatile mediums in their range, it can be used in a number of different ways.

    Mix it with the paint like a medium to add glass, speed drying & toughen paint layers.

    Use as a ground preparation in place of gesso for a clear, smooth non-gritty surface.

    Seal & protect the surface of a painting so that techniques like glazing & varnishing can be done safely without accidentally re-wetting or lifting paint layers.

  • dsc06670

    Atelier Clear Painting Medium

    Ateliers clear painting medium is a mid viscosity medium that allows paint to be diluted smoothly for glazing & blending techniques without altering the sheen level.  It has a high water content & will allow Atelier Interactive to remain workable for longer & absorbs sprayed water or unlocking formula.

  • dsc06667

    Atelier Fast Medium / Fixer

    Atelier Fast Medium / Fixer is a low viscosity medium used to thin fast drying layering techniques. It can also be used on its own to seal & reinforce a paint layer in preparation for glazing or varnishing.