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Yupo paper and other types of art papers

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    X-Press High Gloss Film 20pk

    • 200gsm / 170 mic
    • Inkjet compatible
    • Suitable for most ink types
    • Colours remain vibrant
    • Ideal for photographic prints,
      inking techniques and more
    • Perfect Alcohol Ink Surface.
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    Yupo Paper Assorted Sizes


    Yupo paper is a synthetic paper with a matte finish that is perfect for a variety of art

    We stock it in sizes of A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1 in a variety of thicknesses from 158gsm to 390gsm

    We also stock very large rolls of Yupo in 240 x 95cm and 10 yard rolls in 30 and 60inches wide (75cm and 150cm) all of which are 200gsm

    Perfect for watercolour & alcohol inks. Alcohol ink art is getting very popular as an abstract art style with very good reason. It looks fantastic, anyone can give it a go and you don’t need much to get started.

    Yupo paper can be framed in a picture frame, stuck down on an art board or cut into smaller pieces to make gift cards plus much more.