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  • $30.00$240.00

    Primed Square art boards all sizes

    All our square art boards feature a 45mm minimum side profile. 60cm and above all have corner bracing and the 100, 120 and 160cm boards also feature centre braces.

    The sides are sanded to a smooth finish so you almost cant tell where the top timber meets the frame timbers and the top edge has a 3mm rounded edge.

    They are double primed on the top and sides with a light sand in between coats to get the best possible finish which means you can get straight into creating your masterpiece as no further preparation is required.

    Our art boards are suitable for pouring of resin, as the timber top won’t sag causing the resin to pool. They are what we recommend & use in most of our workshops. They are great also for all types of mediums including acrylics, oils, watercolours & Flow mediums and other mixed media.


  • $2.00$6.00

    Round – Hex – Square – Triangle MDF Solids 20cm-30cm-40cm

    These little boards are great value and perfect if you want a low cost option to practice your art work on or need a solid timber base for use as a lazy susan etc.

    Made from 12mm MDF

    All are unprimed

  • $17.00$120.00

    Round Aluminium top Alcohol Ink Art Boards

    These aluminium panel top round art boards have been developed for anyone wanting a super smooth, gloss black or gloss white surface.

    They are perfect for Alcohol Ink art work or any application where you require a non absorbent smooth surface.

    They feature a heavy duty aluminium composite panel top bonded to a 12mm mdf ring frame

    These art boards are a perfect alternative to Yupo paper, saving the time, effort and cost to glue Yupo paper down to a separate round art board

    Once you have completed your alcohol ink art you seal the surface just like you would on yupo paper and you can also put a layer of your favorite art resin epoxy resin.

    These art panels are also perfect for other art mediums where a super smooth surface is required.

    They are ready to go with no preparation steps required other than wiping them over with isopropl to make sure they are free from contamination.

    We make these our selves at our Bayswater warehouse in Melbourne, if you require a larger size to the ones listed, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    These boards also come in square and rectangle.

  • $17.00$33.00

    Triangle art boards Birch/Primed all sizes

    Triangle art boards are a trending shape & they can be hung together or separate.

    Each triangle features a beautifully smooth A grade Birch ply top board top or double primed top on a base frame which reduces weight whilst adding strength compared to a solid board.

    Ready for resin mixed media or oil/acrylic artwork, nothing more to do to the boards except create your master piece.

    Put your hangers directly into the back.

    The art boards are 16mm overall edge thickness