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Full Range of Premium Quality Art Boards that are handmade here at our Retail Store in Melbourne that come in a wide range of shapes, surfaces and sizes.

We stock a huge range , including Raw Birch for the Artist that wants a nice blond, wooden grain covered board.

Hardwood boards are similar to Birch and are perfect for the artist that wants a bare hardwood timber background for their Art especially great for drawing, fine liner, paint that still shows some of the board.

One of our most popular ones is our Primed Round and Rectangle, Square & Hexagon. These have been double primed and sanded between coats to ensure a smooth finish. Our painting panels, sometimes referred to as wooden painting panels, wooden canvas, art panels and birch art panel, are suitable for pouring of resin, as the timber top won’t sag causing the resin to pool. And also suitable for acrylics, oils, watercolours, flow mediums and other media.

If you are after a certain size or shape, that we don’t have listed… don’t worry because we can make basically any Custom Art Board you are after! Just send an email into info@arttreecreations.com.au of what you are after.

MDF coasters and placemats are also something we stock for you. They are a great cheaper alternative to the primed boards and can work great with any art medium you are using.

The Alcohol Ink Boards we hand-make have been made with the Alcohol Ink artist in mind. With these you don’t need to stick large Yupo paper sheets down trying to get rid of bubbles, the Aluminium Composite Panel acts very similarly to Yupo Paper and is a non porous surface. We have White gloss and Black gloss available in many different sizes & shapes. Also available are smaller Square & Round coasters that are also made for Alcohol Ink art.

For stepping out of your comfort zone, maybe creating something with our Puzzle piece set, Mini painting panels or our beautiful Wooden Letters are the way to go!

  • -33%
    $112.00 $75.00

    60cm x 60cm unprimed art board 2pk

    Hand built art boards

    37 mm deep with a kiln dried pine frame and a 5 mm mdf top with corner bracing

    Sides and Top sanded smooth and flush finish with a rounded top edge


  • $35.00$165.00

    Alcohol Ink Art Boards

    These art boards have been designed and tested with the Alcohol ink artist in mind.

    Many artists complain about the process of sticking large sheets of Yupo to a board and trying not to get bubbles or creases. The easiest way to solve this is to do away with the Yupo paper all together.

    These art boards feature a white or Black gloss 3mm Aluminium composite panel top that behaves very similar to Yupo paper when using alcohol inks. Another feature of the non porous surface is if you don’t like your artwork you can remove it with isopropyl and start again.

    Sealing your art work requires the same products as sealing it on Yupo paper.

    The Frame is constructed from kiln dried pine with a side depth of 42mm plus the 3mm top.

    The edges have been sanded beautify smooth and flush to give a clean professional finish which can be left raw or enhanced with a clear finish or painted if you wish.



  • $5.95

    Aluminium Panel Coasters 4pk

  • $25.00$119.00

    Art Boards, Jigsaw Puzzle Primed single and set of 4

    Set of 4 connecting jigsaw puzzle pieces.

    Finished size of 80 x 80cm or 120 x 120cm

    made from solid mdf primed board.

    Double primed with a rounded top edge

  • $16.00$119.00

    Birch Round art boards all sizes

    Our round Birch art boards feature 6mm birch ply tops on the larger sizes and 4mm birch ply on the smaller sizes

    These are fixed to a 12mm mdf ring and sanded sides and top to a smooth professional finish

    The Birch is left raw so the artist can prep the board to suit their needs.

    Perfect for all art forms, especially for the artists who choose to leave a bare birch timber background with its lovely grain as a feature.

    With a 16/18mm edge these boards are super smooth & ready to paint on!


  • $27.00$195.00

    Birch Square & Rectangle art boards all sizes

    Now with 6mm birch ply tops on larger boards rather than 4mm for a stronger, even more premium look 

    Top made from Premium quality A grade 6mm birch ply for the top giving a wonderful blond surface with excellent grain features

    These art boards perfect if you want to use the timber colour and grain exposed in the background of you artwork whether that be transparent resin work, oil painting or Mandela art work etc

    Frame made from kiln dried 32 x 18 pine for boards up to 60cm in length, for all boards above 60cm will have a frame made with 32 x 32 pine.

    birch top and frame edges are sanded perfectly flush with each other and the top is given a final sand to ensure a smooth surface.

    Larger and custom painting panel sizes can be made, please email Scott at  info@arttreecreations.com.au 

  • Custom Art Boards (Anything you want)

    Because we make all our art boards on site we can tailor the art boards to your needs

    You want custom size, shape, surface finish, all no problem. After all thats what custom means.

    To discuss or obtain a quote

    email Scott on scott@arttreecreations.com.au

    or phone 0417 343 138



  • $7.00$12.00

    Heart Shape MDF Board

    12mm solid unprimed mdf Heart Shaped board.

    Comes in 30cm and 50cm (tip to tail) .


  • $6.00

    Large Wooden Letters and Symbols (20cm high)

    These Mdf timber letters and symbols are a great size being quite large at 20cm high, providing a good surface area to create your artwork on.

    They come with a double primed white finish all over.

    They are 20mm deep and all letters and symbols will free stand easily.

    These letters look fantastic with any type of artwork on them or just left white.

  • $4.95

    MDF Coasters 6pk square/round/rectangle

    Wooden coasters work perfectly to cover with resin or hand painted.

    3mm mdf wooden coasters come in a 6pk

  • $14.95

    MDF Placemats 6pk Round/Square/Rectangle



    Rectangle placemats are made from MDF 3mm thick

    Round and Square placemats are made from 4.75mm thick mdf and are 29cm in diameter

    Sold in a 6pk which works out to only $2.49 each.


  • $30.00$68.00

    Metallic Aluminium, Premium Art Boards (Ltd Edition)

  • $24.95

    Mini Art Boards / Painting panels (2 pk)

    Mini at work is not only beautiful but is very practical and functional and fun. They are perfect for all styles of artwork, Resin, Acrylic, oils, hand painting etc.

    These mini art boards are 150 x 150mm in size and 25mm thick and come in a pair.

    They are made from 25mm ply, giving them a lovely edge which is a striking feature on its own and adds to the whole look of the piece.

    Being 25mm thick they will stand on their edge without additional support or they can be laid flat or wall hung.

    The top of the panel is double primed. The edges are sanded before priming and then sanded again after priming with a fine sandpaper to remove any primer that may have bleed onto the sides giving a very sharp transition between the top and the sides and also leaving the edges silky smooth.

  • $20.00$39.00

    Primed Hexagon art boards all sizes

    This on trend shape works perfectly in a group, or on its own.

    Each board comes double primed on the top and sides with 3mm curved edges, no further preparation necessary

    Available in 5 sizes; 30cm – 40cm – 50cm – 60cm, (15mm egde) – 80cm, (17mm edge)

    (Sizes measured flat edge to flat edge) point to point is a larger measurement


  • $38.00$270.00

    Primed Rectangle art boards all sizes

    All our rectangular art boards feature a 45mm minimum side profile. 40x60cm and above all have corner bracing. The larger boards also feature centre braces which increase in number as the sizes get bigger

    The sides are sanded to a smooth finish so you almost cant tell where the top timber meets the frame timbers and the top edge has a 3mm rounded edge.

    They are double primed on the top and sides with a light sand in between coats to get the best possible finish which means you can get straight into creating your masterpiece as no further preparation is required.

    Frame made from kiln dried 32 x 18 pine for boards up to 60cm in length, for all boards above 60cm will have a frame made with 32 x 32 pine.

    Art Boards that are 240cm long are constructed with a kiln dried Hardwood frame for extra strengh.

    Our art boards are suitable for pouring of resin, as the timber top won’t sag causing the resin to pool. They are what we recommend & use in most of our workshops. They are great also for all types of mediums including acrylics, oils, watercolours & Flow mediums and other mixed media.