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Art Tree Creations specializes in hand making high quality Art boards and painting panels for Australian artists. We make these in our Bayswater warehouse in Melbourne and ship them Australia wide. This is done under our Art Boards Australia name on social media.
We manufacture round art boards , square, rectangle, hexagon and triangle shaped art boards and also can do any custom shape painting panel you can think of. We do these in a primed, birch, hardwood and Aluminium top finishes as well as custom finishes to suit your needs. We have had our art boards used in everything from people practicing at home to Archibald entries, in styles ranging from alcohol ink art , resin art , oil painting , acrylic painting , mandela art and many more.

We have an extensive range of sizes in Yupo paper for use in alcohol ink art , water colour and acrylic ink art. Our synthetic paper is sourced from high quality manufacturers both through art supplies Melbourne based businesses and directly from yupo paper wholesalers to save you money.

A full range of 20cm high letters and symbols are available that are double primed with a smooth surface. These can be covered with your favorite art medium like alcohol ink , epoxy resin , hand painting etc.

We also stock serving boards, place mats and coasters and timber slabs to make resin tables and river tables.

  • -33%
    $112.00 $75.00

    60cm x 60cm unprimed art board 2pk

    Hand built art boards

    47mm deep with a kiln dried pine frame and a 5mm mdf top with corner bracing

    Sides and Top sanded smooth and flush finish with a rounded top edge


  • $21.00

    Acacia Serving Board & Spreader

    Acacia timber serving boards suitable for adding your touch with resin.

    Add a new unique range to your homewares collection.

    Size: 32 x 15cm 1.6cm high

  • $24.00

    Acacia Serving Board Long

    This long Acacia timber serving board is the perfect addition to your quality resin art homewares products.

    Size: 63.5 x 18.5cm 1.5cm high

    Large qtys are available via special order.

  • $22.00

    Acacia Serving Board with Handle

    Acacia timber serving boars suitable to add your resin flare & become part of your resin homewares range.

    note: The handle does not come off.

    Size:36 x 26cm 1.8cm high

  • $35.00$165.00

    Alcohol Ink Art Boards

    These art boards have been designed and tested with the Alcohol ink artist in mind.

    Many artists complain about the process of sticking large sheets of Yupo to a board and trying not to get bubbles or creases. The easiest way to solve this is to do away with the Yupo paper all together.

    These art boards feature a white or Black gloss 3mm Aluminium composite panel top that behaves very similar to Yupo paper when using alcohol inks. Another feature of the non porous surface is if you don’t like your artwork you can remove it with isopropyl and start again.

    Sealing your art work requires the same products as sealing it on Yupo paper.

    The Frame is constructed from kiln dried pine with a side depth of 42mm plus the 3mm top.

    The edges have been sanded beautify smooth and flush to give a clean professional finish which can be left raw or enhanced with a clear finish or painted if you wish.



  • $5.95

    Aluminium Panel Coasters 4pk

  • $25.00$119.00

    Art Boards, Jigsaw Puzzle Primed single and set of 4

    Set of 4 connecting jigsaw puzzle pieces.

    Finished size of 80 x 80cm or 120 x 120cm

    made from solid mdf primed board.

    Double primed with a rounded top edge

  • $16.00$119.00

    Birch Round art boards all sizes

    Our round Birch art boards feature 6mm birch ply tops on the larger sizes and 4mm birch ply on the smaller sizes

    These are fixed to a 12mm mdf ring and sanded sides and top to a smooth professional finish

    The Birch is left raw so the artist can prep the board to suit their needs.

    Perfect for all art forms, especially for the artists who choose to leave a bare birch timber background with its lovely grain as a feature.

    With a 16/18mm edge these boards are super smooth & ready to paint on!


  • $27.00$195.00

    Birch Square & Rectangle art boards all sizes

    Now with 6mm birch ply tops on larger boards rather than 4mm for a stronger, even more premium look 

    Top made from Premium quality A grade 6mm birch ply for the top giving a wonderful blond surface with excellent grain features

    These art boards perfect if you want to use the timber colour and grain exposed in the background of you artwork whether that be transparent resin work, oil painting or Mandela art work etc

    Frame made from kiln dried 42×19 pine

    birch top and frame edges are sanded perfectly flush with each other and the top is given a final sand to ensure a smooth surface.

    Larger and custom painting panel sizes can be made, please email Scott at  info@arttreecreations.com.au 

  • $55.00$110.00

    Canvas & Acrylic Starter Kit

    Choose x3 of the series 2 colours shown, list them in the comments section of the check out.

    Love Acrylics? Then this kit will get you underway on creating an amazing piece for your walls.

    A 60cm x 90cm triple primed canvas together with a set off 6 assorted synthetic brushes & your choice of any x3 series 2 Atelier Interactive Acrylic tubes.

    Choose x3 of the series 2 colours shown, list them in the comments section of the check out.


  • $24.95$160.00

    CreateART Transparent Linen Gallery Canvas

    ** NOTE – TheTransparent Linen are order in only (size 61×91.5cm are in stock only) **

    CreateART 35mm Artists Gallery Linen canvases are made with professional artists & galleries who appreciate the linen background or linen texture.  This range feature corner & centre bracing & milled 35mmx35mm rounded edge stretcher bars.

    • Canvas Weight 450gsm – 100% Pure Linen Canvas
    • Triple coated transparent primer
    • Pine Kiln Dried Stretcher Bars 35mm deep
    • Gallery stretched for painting on the canvas edge
    • Double stapled on the back of the stretcher
    • Medium Tooth/ Texture
  • $22.60$37.50

    CreateArt Triple Primed Artist Cotton Canvas

    CreateART 37mm artist canvases are a range of quality blank artist canvas ideal for students and artists alike.  These canvases are made using a 380gsm 100% cotton canvas and are prepared with a glue sized coating before adding 3 further coats of an acid free titanium white acrylic gesso. This provides a surface that is fantastic to paint on and is consistent with CreateART’s high standards in the production of quality stretched canvases. Fantastic value for money canvas option.

    • Canvas Weight 380gsm – 100% Cotton Canvas
    • 3 coats of Titanium White Acrylic Primed Gesso
    • Fir Wood Kiln Dried Stretcher Bars 37mm deep
    • Gallery stretched for painting on the canvas edge
    • Double stapled on the back of the stretcher
    • Medium Tooth/ Texture
  • $35.50$85.30

    CreateART Triple Primed Gallery Cotton Canvas

    CreateART 35mm Gallery Cotton canvases have been designed with professional artists & galleries in mind.  This superior product features corner & centre bracing and milled 35mm x 35mm rounded edge heavy duty pine stretcher bar. A quality gallery accepted canvas for use by the professional artist.

    • Canvas Weight 380gsm – 100%n Pure Cotton
    • Triple Primed Titanium White Acrylic Primed Gesso
    • Premium stretcher bars.
    • Gallery corner braced frame.
    • Double stapled on the back of the stretcher
    • Medium Tooth/ Texture
  • $42.40$179.00

    CreateART Triple Primed Gallery Linen Canvas

    CreateART 35mm Artists Gallery Linen range have been designed for professional artists & galleries who appreciate linens.  The range features corner & centre bracing with a milled 35x35mm rounded edged heavy duty pine stretcher bars.

    • Canvas Weight 500gsm – 100% Pure Linen Canvas
    • 3 coats of Titanium White Acrylic Primed Gesso
    • New Zealand Pine Kiln Dried Stretcher Bars 35mm deep
    • Gallery stretched for painting on the canvas edge
    • Double stapled on the back of the stretcher
    • Fine to Medium Tooth/ Texture
  • Custom Art Boards (Anything you want)

    Because we make all our art boards on site we can tailor the art boards to your needs

    You want custom size, shape, surface finish, all no problem. After all thats what custom means.

    To discuss or obtain a quote

    email Scott on scott@arttreecreations.com.au

    or phone 0417 343 138