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All the little bits and pieces you will need when making your artworks!
Everything from hanging materials to Butane torches, cups, gloves, tools, palettes etc.

  • $0.75$6.20

    750ml mixing cups

    The cups are made from hi quality materials making it possible to crack the set resin away once dry and remove, enabling multiple uses

    They have 50ml graduations making it possible to mix both parts of your epoxy resin in the one container without using any other containers.

    These cups are strong and flexible rather than thin and brittle

    Completely smooth on the inside for easy stirring

  • $17.95

    Accessory Kit for Resin Art


    A small accessory box filled with what you need to do a few small resin creations.

    Each accessory box includes; 10 x  Large cups, 20 x Small cups, 1 x 50 pk Jumbo pops, 1 x  100 pk Regular pops, 1 x P2 Chemical mask, 1 x 2.6 x 3.6 Drop sheet,  10 x pairs of Nitrile Medium gloves.


  • $9.00

    Atelier Fine Mist Sprayer

    Use the fine most sprayer in conjunction with the Atelier Unlocking Formula which maintains the paint wetness & also rewets paint which is drying.

    Water can be used in the sprayer however does not operate the same on tacky or dry paints.

  • $16.80

    Butane Gas 200g Refill ***Pickup Only***

    Butane Gas Refill 200g can



  • $34.50

    Butane Torch Handy Micro

    Piezo ignition for easy lighting

    Fully controllable flame adjustment allows you to regulate the heat for a range of heating jobs

    Continuous flame switch is great for extended use

    Refillable butane gas chamber with sight window to monitor fuel level

    Great for the kitchen, workshop and tool box

    Use with Tradeflame Butane Gas refill

  • $79.00

    Butane Torch Turbo Max Kit ***Pickup Only***


    Adjustable flame for easy control

    Auto ignition trigger with On/Off control

    Safety lock switch


    Max Heat Torch

    Butane Gas Refill

    ** NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING – PICK UP ONLY ** (Can be posted by request in payment comments section & $5 will be refunded for the removal of the mini gas canister)

  • $2.00

    Cork Sheets

    ork Sheets 30 x 30cm x 0.8mm

    Perfect for glueing to the bottom of coasters & placemats

    3mm cork sheets are available by request, send us an email through the contact us page

  • Sale

    Craft Pop Sticks Natural

    Natural Craft Pop Sticks

    100 pk or 1000 pk

    Great buy if you use a lot of craft sticks with your projects.


  • $0.90

    Craft Tweezers

    Perfect tweezers for adding dried flowers, gilding leaf or papers to your artwork & moulds.


  • $3.00$14.00

    Cups 200ml 40pk

    Plastic disposable cups

    200ml 40pk

  • $3.50$17.00

    Cups 500ml 20pk

    Plastic 500ml cups.

    Pack of 20

    These are thicker, stronger cups offering much more support when you have 1/2 a kilo of resin in them.

  • $14.98

    Gloves – Vinyl Nitrile 100pk

    Powder free Nitrile Gloves 100pk.

    Nitrile is a thicker vinyl protecting you against the chemicals that are released from chemicals including resin & paints.

    100pk available in sizes SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE

  • $0.40$5.50

    Hanging Accessories

    Hanging String:  Incredibly tough, flat, white polyester tying tape 3.5mm wide x .5mm thick commonly used as hanging tape in aluminium frames. Preferred over hanging wire, easier to tie off & attach to your chosen hanging hook. (Can take up to 50kg max – as per suppliers instructions)  **SOLD PER METER ONLY**

    D-Rings: The most common hook available & used individually to hang directly onto the wall hook or use two on your art board frame with hanging string. Available in Small 10pk or Large 6pk, each pack comes with suitable screws.

    Slim Super Hangers: Suitable for a thin edge art board frame, it can be used by itself to hang directly onto the wall hook or use two on your frame & tie off with hanging string. Available in Small 6pk or Large 4pk, each pack comes with suitable screws.

  • $6.95

    Iridescent Plastic Cellophane Film

    This iridescent plastic film is perfect for those resin projects or even adding to your art projects.

    Create those opal looking pieces, this is a strong plastic film which is perfect for creating with.

    Size 51cm x 1.27m

    Environmentally packed in paper packaging, limited stock get in quick so you don’t miss out.

  • $16.00

    Mini Butane Torch

    This small refillable butane torch is great for small applications.

    Simple and effective to use