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Aylani Designs

debFor Deborah, painting has always been her sanity.    Always creative as a child, art classes led Deb down the path of painting with acrylics and it was then that ‘Aylani Designs’ was born. But it wasn’t until Deb came across Resin Art that she found her passion. She loves that due to the nature of resin, every single piece breathes its own life and tells its own story.
Not an artist that usually begins creating with a vision in mind, Deb believes that putting together a complimentary colour palette is the most important decision in her work.
So once the colours have been chosen, whether it be an ocean theme or a diverse mix of colours that will blend perfectly together, Deb puts brush and medium to canvas, and just see where it takes her.
Deborah has taken her love of resin and made it into many different forms aside from her paintings, including a range of prints, homewares and more recently her wearable art Jewellery range. Looking to create something completely new, Deb has introduced a unique alteration to the Noosa Snap Range with her resin snap charms. Each and every Interchangeable charm is a miniature piece of art.   Every artist loves experimenting and Deb’s latest intrigue is Alcohol ink art. This new medium is inspiring a new direction in her work and only time will tell exactly which direction it will take and how she will incorporate it into her Resin art.