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    Resin Art Book By Mrs Colorberry

    Resin art book by mrs colorberry is an introduction into the tips and techniques for creating fantastic resin art pieces and geode resin art

  • $55.00

    Heart Shape Bowl Mould

    Bowl Size 114 x 109 x 27mm

    Our silicone moulds are hand made from high quality silicone that lasts up to 30 moulds when looked after. With each silicone mold you can create your desired resin art piece with either epoxy resin or some casting resins.  Combined with our resin pigment range you are sure to find the perfect colour especially in our extended epoxy paste range for your new heart dish creations.

  • $55.00

    Clam Shell Silicone Mould

  • $55.00

    Apple silicone mould

    Apple silicone mould resin mould has a beautiful gloss finish.

    Size is lifelike, 80mm high and 75mm wide.

    Made from high quality silicone suitable for a large number of moulds using epoxy resin using resin colour products or leaving it clear and embedding something inside.

    Takes approximately 200 mls of resin.

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    Atelier interactive Pastels 7 x 80ml tube set

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    Dalchem Crystal Clear Resin (All sizes)

    Dalchem Crystal Clear is an very clear drying epoxy resin.

    Dries to a glass like finish which makes it perfect for resin art and coating other art forms like alcohol ink art work and acrylic artwork etc

    Dalchem crystal clear has very good bubble release and is temperature resistant to 80 degrees making it suitable for coasters.

    It also dries harder and can be poured deeper than many resins making it suitable for use in resin tables and river tables.

    Accepts a wide range of colour pigments and powders

    Mixing ratio is 1 to 1 by volume (nice and easy)

    It has a 30 min pot life and has UV stabilisers to help resist yellowing for longer.

    Dalchem crystal clear is a great all rounder art resin that can be used in a wide range of applications.

    Dalchem crystal clear is a low toxicity formulation making it much safer to use than some other epoxy resin on the market


  • $59.00

    Canvas & Ink Starter Pack

    This kit will get you started with ink art on a great primed canvas surface.

    Choose x3 of the ink colours, combine them onto the canvas & you will have yourself a beautiful ink art piece to hang on your wall.

    Each kit comes complete with a 60cm x 60cm stretched double primed cotton canvas & x3 art spectrum pigmented inks & an ink extender which will assist with the concentration desperation of colour across the canvas surface.

    Choose 3 of the grea AS ink colours available – Leave your chosen x3 colour choice in the comments available at checkout.

    Over $75 worth at a great introductory kit price!

  • $60.00

    Bookend / Paperweight silicone mould

    Our Silicone moulds are made from the highest quality silicone that is capable of being used 30 plus times if looked after each use.  Suitable for use with epoxy resin or casting resin you can get really creative by combining our epoxy paste range together with our great resin colour range.  Each silicon mold is made by hand in our studio & ready for you to start creating your resin art pieces.

    This bookend / paper weight is 97mm x 97mm x 45mm and has a gloss finish.

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    Geode Resin Art Accessories Kit

  • $69.95

    Twin Filter Respiratory Mask A1+P2

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    60cm x 60cm unprimed art board 2pk

    Hand built art boards

    47mm deep with a kiln dried pine frame and a 5mm mdf top with corner bracing

    Sides and Top sanded smooth and flush finish with a rounded top edge


  • $79.00

    Butane Torch Turbo Max Kit ***Pickup Only***


    Adjustable flame for easy control

    Auto ignition trigger with On/Off control

    Safety lock switch


    Max Heat Torch

    Butane Gas Refill

    ** NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING – PICK UP ONLY ** (Can be posted by request in payment comments section & $5 will be refunded for the removal of the mini gas canister)

  • $79.90

    Atelier Interactive 80ml x7 colour set

    Atelier Interactive is a lush, lightfast, professional acrylic with a satin sheen and buttery consistency that artists’ love.

    This set comes with x7 80ml tubes; Burnt Umber, Arylamide Yellow Light, Napthol Crimson, Napthol Red Light, Pthalo Green, Cobalt Blue, Titanium White.

  • $80.00

    Resin Plate Mould

    Resin Plate Silicone Mould

    Hand made in Melbourne Australia.

    Plate has a gloss finish, measures 19cm wide & 2cm high.

    (suitable for pressure chamber)

  • $80.00

    Long Plate Mould

    A perfect plate to create & look effective as any addition to your resin art range. Create using our range of vivid epoxy pigments from our resin colour range for your chosen epoxy resin or casting resins & it will have your pieces set to be conversation staters amongst your customers.

    Plate measures 20cm long x 12cm wide & has a wave in the side edge which is uneven.

    All of our silicone moulds are made by high quality silicone & is suitable for resin, plaster & concrete. Each silicone mold is made in our studio by hand.