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  • $6.00

    Safety Mask P2 Pk2

    2pk Disposable / Reusable for  short use p2 respirators with valve.

    Chemical P2 safety mask is so important when you are dealing with resin & other chemicals.

  • $4.50

    Sanding Disc’s 5 pack

    Sanding Disc pack of 5 come in a range of grits, the disc’s have a velcro back to suit a 150mm orbital sander.




  • $4.00

    Sea Shells 100g Assorted

    Sea Shells in a 100g bag of assorted styles shapes & sizes.

    No bag is the same, they are a beautiful addition to your beach artwork to add some real life pieces.

    **Due to the shells all being different bags will differ to the image shown**

  • $45.00

    Shallow Dish Mould

    Bowl size 106mm diameter 25mm high

    Our silicone moulds are hand made from highest quality silicone that lasts up to 30 moulds when looked after.  With our silicone molds you can Gert very creative when producing your resin art pieces. These moulds are perfect for epoxy resins & most casting resins.  By using our full range of epoxy paste range or our other resin colour products you can create an assortment of different styled art with this bowl mould.

  • Silica gel

    Silica Gel beads 1kg

    Silica beads 1kg with indicator beads

    Silica gel beads are a must have for drying flowers and other items.

    Compared to air drying, using silica gel retains much more vibrant colours in flowers petals and ensures they are properly dry before embedding them in epoxy resin.

    Embedding flowers in resin can look fantastic when used done in a block of resin or in smaller pieces like bangles and pendants

    The silica gel beads come with indicator beads mixed in which change colour when silica beads need drying out.

    This can simply be done in the oven making the beads ready to go again.

  • $27.00$30.00

    Silicone Moulds, Insects and Animals

  • Placeholder


  • $15.00

    Small Dome Mould

    Use this silicone mould to make glossy domes to use as magnets, jewelry or even interesting desk pieces.

    The silicone mould is made from high quality silicone which is suitable for resin concrete or plaster.  Work together with our full range of resin colour products like our popular epoxy pigment range to bring every silicone mold piece to life.

    Dome measures 50mm across base.

  • $15.23

    Split Cake 50g – 2 Colour Pearl

    High quality water soluble pearl split colours give you excellent coverage in vibrant colours.

  • $11.40

    Split Cake 50g – 2 Colour Regular

    High quality water soluble split cakes give you excellent coverage in vibrant colours

  • $15.90$18.90

    Split Cake 50g – 3 Colours +

  • $14.00

    Spray Adhesive 350g

    Spray adhesive perfect for sticking down sheet products like Yupo and cork sheet as well as Paper, cardboard, plastic and metal

    Acid Free

    Fast Drying


  • $3.90

    Spreader Rubber Kidney Tool

    Spread your paint, resin or other mediums with this hard rubber kidney tool.

    These wash up well, if you are using resin let it dry & break it off the next day. Allows a perfect grip in your hand for easy use. Reusable.

  • $8.00

    Stainless Steel Ball Chain Necklace 5pk

    These beautiful 316 stainless steel ball chain necklaces  are 1.5mm at 60cm long they are the best subtle chain to add to your delicate resin jewellery pieces.

    Available in a 5 pack buy only.

  • $8.00

    Stainless Steel Chain Necklace 5pk