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    Pros-Aide TAG Cosmetic Adhesive 10ml 5pk

    Pros-Aide TAG Cosmetic Adhesive 10ml for the use with the glitter tattoo stencils 5 in the pack

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    Pros-Aide TAG Cosmetic Adhesive 60ml

    Pros-Aide TAG Cosmetic Adhesive 60ml for the use with the glitter tattoo stencils

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    Raw Timber Serving Boards

    Our raw timber serving board range is here, they smell divine & made in Australia.

    Made from Camphor Laurel timber, each board is made to the same template design for its size however with the nature of timber each board comes with its own unique timber grain, knots & colour.

    All Boards are 30mm thick making them lovely and solid.

    These boards are raw so you can finish them with your own preferred oils or waxes. Perfectly suited to be seal first with a primer for your decorative resin edge designs.

    NOTE: As these boards are raw the colours of the natural grains will be enhanced with finishing oils or waxes.

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    Regular Split Cake Palette

    TAG Regular Split Cake Palette – 9 x 50g Split Cakes in the following colours: Golden Orange & Red, Light & Medium Green, Teal & Light Blue, Brown & Mid Brown, Powder Blue & Royal Blue, Soft Grey & Rose pink, Berry Wine & Pink, Lilac & Purple, Orange & Yellow.

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    Resi Blast

    Resi Blast is a additive for resin art to create cells, lacing and blooming effects in your art work.

    A few drops mixed into your cup of resin before poring is all you need.

  • Mrs Colorberry book

    Resin Art Book By Mrs Colorberry

    Resin art book by mrs colorberry is an introduction into the tips and techniques for creating fantastic resin art pieces and geode resin art

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    Resin Plate Mould

    Resin Plate Silicone Mould

    Hand made in Melbourne Australia.

    Plate has a gloss finish, measures 19cm wide & 2cm high.

    (suitable for pressure chamber)

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    RGM Pigment Powders 100g

    These pure pigments are both beautiful & bold in colour. Add them to varnish finishes, resins or even plaster to contribute to a beautiful bold colour additive.

    RGM is a renowned Italian brand that produce beautiful colour pigments.

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    Ring Dish Mould

    Small ring dish mould, available in assorted designs; matte finish

    Hexagon, Diamond & Rectangle.

    Hexagon measures; 10cm W (point to point) 0.6cm H

    Rectangle measures; 13cm L x 8cm W x 1.2cm H

    Each mould is made to order, 2 days prior to shipping.

  • solid timber painting panels

    Round – Hex – Square – Triangle MDF Solids 20cm-30cm-40cm

    These little boards are great value and perfect if you want a low cost option to practice your art work on or need a solid timber base for use as a lazy susan etc.

    Made from 12mm MDF

    All are unprimed

  • Round aluminium top Alcohol ink art boardRound aluminium top Alcohol ink art board

    Round Aluminium top Alcohol Ink Art Boards

    These aluminium panel top round art boards have been developed for anyone wanting a super smooth, gloss black or gloss white surface.

    They are perfect for Alcohol Ink art work or any application where you require a non absorbent smooth surface.

    They feature a heavy duty aluminium composite panel top bonded to a 16mm mdf ring frame for the 80cm to 40cm art boards and and a 12mm mdf ring frame on the 30cm and 20cm art boards

    These art boards are a perfect alternative to Yupo paper, saving the time, effort and cost to glue Yupo paper down to a separate round art board

    They are ready to go with no preparation steps required other than wiping them over with isopropl to make sure they are free from contamination.

    We make these our selves at our Bayswater warehouse in Melbourne, if you require a larger size to the ones listed, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    These boards also come in square and rectangle.

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    Safety Mask P2 Pk2

    2pk Disposable / Reusable for  short use p2 respirators with valve.

    Chemical P2 safety mask is so important when you are dealing with resin & other chemicals.

  • resin bowl mouldsilicone mould

    Shallow Bowl Mould

    Bowl size 106mm diameter 25mm high

    Our silicone moulds are hand made from high quality silicone that lasts up to 50 moulds when looked after.

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    Silicone Moulds, Insects and Animals

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    Small Dome Mould

    Use this silicone mould to make glossy domes to use as magnets, jewelry or even interesting desk pieces.

    The silicone mould is made from high quality silicone which is suitable for resin concrete or plaster.

    Dome measures 50mm across base.