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Metal Pigment Powders – GOLD/COPPER/Aluminium/Rose Gold

These powders give the ultimate metallic leafing finish in resin & you will want to use them continuously.

It is available in 4 shades, sold in one size container which carry the same volume though each powders weight is different.

Using only a smalll amount into your resin mix you can achieve the most amazing of metal looking finishes.

Copper Fine 36 (50g) – Is a beautiful copper metallic with an amazing finish that can be achieved to look like real copper.

Rich Gold Fine 36 (50g) – Is a beautiful rich gold metallic with an amazing finish that can be achieved to look like real gold.

Rose Gold fine 36 (50g) – Is a beautiful rose gold colour which will be a perfect addition to add that wow to your art work.

Aluminium Bright (15g, same volume as the others, its just very light) – This is a brilliant silver leafing grade offering a reflective sparkle to your work (not suitable for polyurathane resins – epoxys only)

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Art Tree Creations metal powders are made from real ground up metal, they aren't just a metallic pigment. Because of this they will leaf on the top of the resin and look like gold leaf etc. They give your resin artwork a real wow factor and create a lovely resin colour. Only a small amount (about 2 grams for colours except aluminium) (1gm for aluminium) to make 100mls of colored resin. They can also be sprinkled on the top of the resin when wet or sprinkled on the art board before the resin is poured on to create different effects. Metal powders aren’t just used to make resin color. They are excellent for use in alcohol ink artwork. A little bit sprinkled on the alcohol ink and extender on the surface will leave beautiful metallic effects in the colour lines.